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Fashion Forecast 2017: Socks And Sandals

Unlike any other fashion trend, socks and sandals have always been a controversial combination. With having gained popularity in 2010 and 2014, it is all set to make a comeback in 2017 after being reintroduced as a fashion trend in the Milan Fashion show in 2016.

Lubeina Shahpurwala, Co-Founder, Mustang Socks tells us 5 ways in which we can carry off this look every day.

1.      Formals

Who says office fashion should always be boring? Wearing socks with vintage pumps, formal sandals or flats to your office can surely add an element of style to your overall corporate look.

2.      Street wear

This is probably one of the easiest looks to pull off; where you can experiment with all sorts of socks, be it with colour, texture, print, length, from sheer, to frills, to thick, to posh, to boho, and you can wear them with sandals, or classic pumps, with chunky ‘70s shoes, or posh stiletto styles. They look fabulous with skirts, dresses, and cropped pants or jeans.

3.       Chic fashion

With your mini skirt or your little black dress, you can pull off this look with sheer stockings or frilly socks. If you can carry it off well, a simple dress with long stockings/ leg warmers with high heels or boots can certainly help nail the look.

4.       Leisure wear

Whether it’s a Sunday brunch or taking your dog out for a walk by the promenade, team up your pair of Nike sandals or belles with a colourful pair of socks. This certainly adds a fun element to your personality.

5.       Travel wear

A predictable look, socks and sandals is a definite travel wear look. Liven up those regular yet comfy walking shoes for those long airport walks or in-flight journeys with vibrant coloured socks that bring with it an element of warmth and comfort to your feet.

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