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Delectable coffee brews and bites by Soul Glimmers at Marigold Lifestyle Exhibition


The newly launched Soul Glimmers, specializing in coffee based “brews”, using indigenous recipes, is all set to add glimmers in your life with their experiential brews.  “We create unique brews culinary delights for each occasion, each season and for every age group”, says the two bongs Minakshi & Rituparna, who united over their love for food, books and travel  and left their cushy well paid jobs to pursue their passion and started Soul Glimmers.

The specially curated menu for Marigold Lifestyle Exhibition taking place on the March 30th 2024 at Holiday Club, Panchsheel, includes Spring Brews namely Spice Route (blend of cascara and an exotic decoction of indigenous spices), Sparkling Zing (a beautiful blend of cascara with their own Apple Cider Vinegar), Honey Honey (A tribute to the evergreen ABBA, Mamma Mia and ofcourse Meryyl Streep!) and specially curated Marigold brew (A cool drink made with coffee brewed with marigold flower decoction).  The brews are paired with Quick Bites to choose from Cucumber Tzatziki (the classic white and green sandwiches with a unique twist), Herbed Cottage Cheese (on a bed of roasted walnut and red pepper), Grilled Pineapple (with yogurt and berries) and Spring Bites (A combination of green and red using the veggies of the season)


“Vocal for Local is our mantra for our brews as well as food. We use the vast variety of home grown ingredients abundantly available in our country. Also, through Soul Glimmers, we aim to bring to the table the different and unique food and cooking habits of every corner of the country”, adds the duo.

Get ready for an experiential Food & Beverage trail with Soul Glimmers – Glimmering Lives, Nourishing Souls

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