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Introducing the Exquisite Monsoon Menu Coffee Collection: At Ritual Daily Coffee


Mumbai, June 2023:  As the rainy season approaches, Ritual Daily Coffee is delighted to unveil its highly anticipated Monsoon Menu Coffee Collection. Designed to complement the soothing ambiance of the monsoon season, these carefully crafted coffee recipes are set to captivate the taste buds of coffee lovers and bring a delightful twist to their mornings.


Coffee enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike can now embark on a culinary journey with our thoughtfully curated selection of monsoon-inspired coffee beverages. The Monsoon Menu Coffee Collection delights coffee enthusiasts with an alluring Orange Latte, infusing the familiar comfort of a Latte with double shot of espresso and a touch of citrus orange, the result is a captivating harmony of flavours that transports guests to a world of sensory delight and for those seeking pure decadence.The Matcha Latte takes centre stage with its captivating combination of steamed milk and the delicate bitterness of matcha green tea. This invigorating blend not only tantalises the taste buds but also offers potential health benefits, making it a truly exceptional beverage to savour during the monsoon season. For a heartwarming experience, the Cinnamon Latte presents a delightful blend of fragrant cinnamon and Double Shot Espresso with Steamed Milk.This comforting concoction envelops the senses, providing a cosy respite from the rainy weather and leaving a lasting impression of indulgence, a luscious Hot Chocolate that is sure to warm hearts and hands on rainy days. Indulge in the rich, velvety texture and the luxurious blend of high-quality chocolate, providing the ultimate comfort during the monsoon season.


Our Monsoon Menu Coffee Collection aims to create a memorable coffee experience that transports our customers to a world of warmth and indulgence.”We have meticulously crafted each recipe, paying careful attention to the balance of flavours and textures, to ensure that our guests can savour the essence of the monsoon season with every sip.” 

To experience the magic of our Monsoon Menu Coffee Collection, visit Ritual Daily Coffee at Bandra. Whether you are seeking a moment of tranquillity amidst the rain or looking to share a delightful coffee experience with friends and loved ones, our team is ready to craft the perfect cup of coffee just for you. Alongside our Monsoon Menu Coffee Collection, patrons can also enjoy our range of delectable cakes, cookies and cheesecakes which are carefully selected to complement the rich aromas of our coffee creations.

Address: Dr Ambedkar Rd, Pali Market, Pali Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Time: 8 am onwards

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