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Pearl Academy students transport audiences into a lunar world haven at Lakmé Fashion Week


India, 15 October 2023: In collaboration with the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), the fashion and design education powerhouse Pearl Academy set the stage ablaze with a celestial extravaganza at the Delhi edition of the Lakmé Fashion Week. The institute unveiled a brand-new rendition of “First Cut” at the finale of Lakmé Fashion Week, which took place on October 15, 2023, at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. ‘First Cut’ serves as a platform for final-year fashion design students to debut their collections, providing these aspiring designers an impactful stage to introduce their work to the design world.



Showcased alongside some of India’s leading designers, 91 students from Pearl Academy campuses across the country displayed their fascinating collections, all inspired by the theme “A Moon Odyssey.” Transporting the audience into a visionary lunar world, the students’ collection reimagined the moon as the ultimate vacation destination. The four-part spectacle kicked off with a simulated moon landing, complete with the arrival of a lunar rover, effectively setting the stage for a cosmic journey. Further, the segment ‘Paving the Path’ introduced models donning exquisite grayscale inflatable garments that elegantly graced the runway. Transitioning to the ‘Lunar Luxe’ segment, the show whisked viewers away to a lunar beach, infusing a touch of modern luxury into the lunar landscape. The grand finale ‘Celestial Celebration’ showcased vibrant, avant-garde costumes embellished with rare earthly treasures. This fusion of lunar luxury and terrestrial allure captivated the audience, making the showcase an extraordinary fashion voyage that pushes the boundaries of fashion to new heights.


Antonio Maurizio Grioli, Dean of Pearl Academy, reflected on the remarkable presentation at FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week, emphasising the distinct and harmonious roles of design and styling in contemporary fashion. He shared, “It wasn’t simply a fashion show, but an occasion to unveil the boundless creativity and innovation inherent in our students, which they bring to the fashion world. At Pearl Academy, we firmly understand that design and styling are distinct streams, each with its unique significance and application.


In the modern landscape of fashion, styling takes on a pivotal role in communications and branding, offering a canvas for artistic expression. It’s through styling that garments are transformed into compelling visual narratives that deeply resonate with the audience. Our approach at Pearl Academy is to foster an intrinsic relationship between design and styling, allowing students from both streams to collaborate seamlessly. The symbiotic collaboration of designers and stylists is vital, as each complements the other’s strengths and capabilities.

The synergy created by this collaboration is the key to true innovation and excellence. By recognising the indispensable role of styling and nurturing a cooperative spirit between designers and stylists, we equip our students with the holistic skills necessary to thrive in the fiercely competitive fashion industry. It was an absolute delight to witness our students’ collections come to life on one of the fashion industry’s most respected and credible platforms.”

“At Pearl Academy, we believe in nurturing young, creative minds and providing them with the tools, guidance, and opportunities necessary for them to shine brightly in the fashion and design industry. Presenting at a celebrated platform like Lakmé Fashion Week serves as a perfect example of how our institution empowers students to not only explore the boundaries of their creativity but also gain invaluable industry exposure.

The theme of ‘A Moon Odyssey’ was a visionary concept and witnessing our students wholeheartedly embrace it was an extraordinary experience. Our students have truly surpassed our expectations and I congratulate all the participants for their outstanding efforts in making this event a huge success,” added Aditi Srivastava, President, Pearl Academy.

The student collection delved into the irresistible allure of anti-fit silhouettes, evoking the aesthetics of futuristic space explorers while embracing the relaxed holiday vibes exuded by chic loungewear. It was a true visual and stylistic delight, seamlessly blending fashion, fantasy, and futuristic innovation to deliver an unparalleled and unforgettable experience to the audience.

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