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An Ode To Womenhood With Women Appreciation Awards 2017

Women appreciation awards 2017 hosted by fairytales and beauty & the best in vivanta by Taj in the capital today unveiled success and motivation tales of women achievers and successful women entrepreneurs. Day was devoted to reward women from different walks of life with appreciation  award for their novel endeavours for contributing largely towards benefiting the society and youth awards were presented by talented Bollywood Actress Divya dutta to women gathered from all over india day was very special for Richa Aggarwal, veteran beauty & makeovers expert Cleopatra  beauty wellness and makeovers and Cleopatra academy as she received prestigious award for her dimension of campaigns towards skilling india and empowering women and youth Richa Aggarwal got wider appreciation today in the capital amongst diplomats, ambassadors and who`s who of society.

Richa Aggarwal on receiving the prestigious award stated “I am very happy to be appreciated and bestowed upon with women achievement award today`s we are all gathered here to celebrate contributions of women to our communities and the world and mirror the progress made towards equality  for women as well as face significant challenges.we raised toast to womenhood and celebrated BEING SHE, who holds power as she strikes a perfect balance between personal and professional lives with emphasis on being strong headed positive, confidant, optimistic and empowered- women with substance who is beautiful from inside out organizers Nikita Khattar Arya & Preeti Puja stated “we truly salute commendable work being done by women from different fields and plan to motivate them and plan to motivate them in future as well. We shall contribute towards empowering women in a way of educating, imparting knowledge, spreading awareness, nurturing, recognizing  and rewarding women thus creating an aura and opportunities for them to achieve and fulfull their true potential as equals in our society . Divya Dutta stated, the event salutes the spirit of womenhood and these kind events accelerate the speed of women empowerment to bring out the best of their talent, empowerment and education.  The day devoted to felicitation and certification that got progressed with magnificent show of aesthetics with royal dollop of glamour.


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