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Water Effect – Cleveland Furniture From Pepperfry

Are you yet to discover the advantages of elevating your interiors with the goodness of the East? Look no further than Pepperfry’s Cleveland collection by Bohemiana. It is an ideal choice to balance the principles of feng shui water element in mesmerizing designs. Every design from the Cleveland collection is inspired by the principles of feng shui. The concentric circles on the furniture designs invite nature inside your home through the water effect.

By creating an illusion the concentric circles on each design are a perfect play of light and shadow. Handcrafted on solid wood using modern techniques each furniture piece from the Cleveland collection seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with traditional ways of living. The chic swirl effect serves as a great talking point in your space.

Invite positivity through a strong and calming water feng shui element through the Cleveland collection from Pepperfry and nobody will ever guess feng shui is at work in your hearth.

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