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Trucker Jackets From Numero Uno (Unisex)

Numero Uno, India’s oldest jeanswear and fashion wear brand launch their exclusive ‘Trucker Jackets’ range for men & women available online only.

Holy Saint Trucker Jacket: 
This faded & loosely fitted denim trucker is beautifully designed with a bright saint print at the back which is enhanced with a touch of craftsmanship & detailed handwork to give it a more personalised & realistic & 3D look. The print and handwork give a carefree, nomadic , free spirited feel to the wearer of this jacket .

Jack Sailor Trucker Jacket:

This awe inspiring denim trucker is breathtakingly beautiful with its crazy skull pirate print embellished with beads , braids, metals & all . The best part is the dreadlocks swinging from the skull  making it look even more alive. This jacket embodies the spirit of adventure, fearless attitude, & is created for denim lovers who write their own rules .

Aye Captain Trucker Jacket:

This raw indigo trucker has its own tale to tell with a zip fastening front opening and a dare devil Captain Print at back. The intense look in his eyes , the shine of his cap and salt n pepper flowy beard gives an altogether mysterious look to it yet makes the character bold, fearless, adventurous with never say die attitude.

Price: 4999

Available at: only

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