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Prep Your Skin for Holi by Moisturizing and Protecting Your Skin Before Playing with Colors


Glow Boosting Ayurvedic Face Serum by Purely Yours:

Use Ayurvedic formulas to moisturize and preserve your skin in advance of Holi. Use natural ingredients like ashwatthha, plaksha, and turmeric to repair acne scars, boost collagen, and alleviate hyperpigmentation. Safety and efficacy are guaranteed by the India Organic and SGS certifications for this fast-absorbing solution. During Holi celebrations, take care of your skin issues, enhance your natural shine, and protect your skin from UV rays for healthy, glowing skin.


Diataal, a combination of eight vitamins and eight minerals that supports your everyday nutritional needs, can help you get your skin ready for Holi. Gaps in nutrients can cause weakness and sluggishness, which can impact skin health. Vitamins B6 and nicotinamide increase the creation of energy, while vitamin B12, copper, and zinc from diets strengthen immunity. Vitamin D in Diataal supports strong bones, while beta-carotene and nicotinamide maintain healthy skin. Add Diataal to your routine for healthy, glowing skin and general wellbeing.

Body Butter for Kids by Herby Angle:

This organic body butter will help your children’s skin be ready for Holi by providing deep moisturization and glowing skin. With its anti-inflammatory qualities, it soothes dry, irritated skin and encourages a more even tone and enhanced texture. With our blend of organic herbs and natural butters,  your child’s skin will be intensively hydrated for more than eight hours. Give your child lots of love and care to ensure that their complexion glows and says goodbye to dryness.

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