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Water, the bliss- the second solo exhibition of Artist, Architect & Author Shikha Setia


Water–the bliss, the second solo art exhibition of Artist, Architect & Author Shikha Setia celebrates the joy of water all around us.  The exhibition is taking place from March 12th to 16th, 2024 at the Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.


“We are water, the dynamic fluid, continuously working on its own movement, paving its way, mingling everywhere and focussed on its lure downwards. Rain is an emotion to me. Capturing that emotion on my canvas, with my brush in a movement is just like the falling of rain, once it decides to fall. It is so enigmatic”, says Shikha.

And then there are the reminiscent drops, hung onto the leaves, skin, glass, grass and what not. I am mesmerised by the calmness, translucence and reflective quality of those. The flowing water in its rhythm and forming ever changing ripples and the gushing water churning out sculptures is enchanting to me.


“My paintings are joyful. They celebrate water. A puddle or a drop on a leaf, the fog or the impending storm, a hint or abundance of it, is all an emotion. And a reminder that we should celebrate its existence, acknowledge its importance and for sure conserve it. Sans water there is no life”, she adds.

The artwork of Shikha is characterised by the ‘sense of being’ and of fulfilment and contentment. Her paintings are a whiff of fresh air. They are intrinsically inspired by nature and by the emotions one feels in consonance with the elements. And they speak of the musings of humans with their surroundings as the elementary force.


One of her paintings is displayed in a museum, UAE.

There will be over 40 paintings, in all sizes, from handy to as big as 5 by 5 feet on display. The medium of her paintings is oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas and mix media.

More about the Artist:

Shikha has won A3 Foundation award 2023 for her  novel, ‘Through the shades’. The novel is about the journey of artists through continents, inner growth, creative expenditure of learning and relationships   with people and their trait. Serendipity is one of her  favorite word and through the lens of hope and joy she keeps her curious-self engaged.

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