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Get Beautiful Skin At LA SKIN Clinic

Looking beautiful is a tedious job. Indeed, La Skin Clinic is one such place that can make you look ravishing with their magical treatments and facials. Located in New Delhi, La Skin is a fully equipped world class skin and aesthetic clinic with in-house dermatologist and cosmetologist for giving you the best possible advice and treatments.

My Experience at La Skin Clinic

Recently, I was busy traveling and due to which I completely ignored my skin and as a result my skin started looking dull and tired with visible flaws. With valentine’s day around the corner, I was really worried and wanted to do something good to it. Somehow I was invited to La Skin Clinic so ivisited their clinic in M-block, GK2. Beautifully done ambience does not make you feel  like a doctor’s clinic. Charming Radha Wadhwa, centre manager and the team made me experience their one of the signature treatments-MD +O2 facial.

Micro dermabrasion Facial with Oxygen Infusion

MD+O2 facial  is Microdermabrasion with Oxygen Infusion into the skin. To make you a little wise, Micro dermabrasion  is one of the best discussed procedures. It helps to exfoliate and remove dead skin, reduces fine lines and pigmentation and help even skin tones. The benefits of this facial gets double with oxygen infusion into the skin during the procedure. As we all know, Oxygen  is very important for us to live and so it is for our skin. Your skin glows and looks healthy with oxygen infusion. After removal of dead cells, your skin gets a sudden boost of oxygen which makes your skin look  fresh and glowing.


Initially, there was no visible difference in my skin immediately after the treatment except from the fact that my face was feeling fresh from inside. But after a day, I felt that the marks on my face skin were a little lighter and my face was looking a little more cleaner with a better skin tone.


  1. In order to get better results, one should try doing multiple sittings so that you get desired results.
  2. Good as anti aging face treatment .
  3. Always use a sunscreen before stepping out in all seasons.

To book appointments, call 9555551180.Visit at La Skin,M-18,GK 2 ,New Delhi

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