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The Strutt Store #TravelWithMe Collection

New Delhi, 30th January 2019: Strutt is emerging as an industry leader in the Carry on Travel bags range. Strutt manufactures a variety of Bags i.e, Duffle bags, Laptop bags, Tote bags, Slings etc. It explores colors, designs and utility while handcrafting each and every design.

Every-Body loves a Good bag !

This new year, Strutt has exclusively introduced the #TravelWithMe Duffle bags range which is really making its mark in the Travellers life cycle . Most of the designs define the spirit of exploration and adventure . Whether you are a business traveller or a globe trotter Strutt has built a reputation as a staple for every trip. Its collection has something for everyone, and The Duffle bags are a must have by every Smart Traveller who doesn’t mind adding to their extremely good looks by carrying an even better looking bag.

The travel range has been Handcrafted with both Genuine Leather and Exceptional Quality Faux Leather and by using special manufacturing techniques Strutt ensures that these bags turn out  elegant, beautiful and user friendly. The Utility features of the bags are perfect for all the necessary essentials that the traveller would like to carry along with him . These Duffle bags offer a budget friendly pick from an exceptionally wide variety . For all of you who want a smart companion for your travels , want to spruce up your Journeys , are tired of dull designs and want to try out something new then give The Strutt Store a try and Have a Happy Journey ahead!