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SMART METABOLIC ANTI-AGING CENTRE: A Wellness Clinic For Health And Vitality

Imagine a place where one could go and get help in repairing one’s functional & Metabolic system, making one feel renewed and refresh. Smart Metabolic Anti ageing centre is a first of its kind Wellness clinic in India that focuses on reversing metabolic damage caused to you by ageing.This clinic  is one single point where you get solutions to all age related and lifestyle diseases.  Individuals suffering from diabetes or Obesity, can get specialised care through a holistic yet non-invasive approach with results in as little as 2 weeks.This latest offering from Dr BK Modi owned Smart Group, believes in the motto “helping people being Happy, Healthy and Wealthy beyond a 100”.

Preeti Malhotra with Nida Mahmood, Dr Manjari Pillai with Dr. Sandeep Datta and Preeti Malhotra with Nidhi Gupta

This new concept of proactive healthcare has been developed by  some of the world’s leading doctors who have qualified from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine where they work on individual cases  with combining wellness programs, plant-based nutraceuticals, lifestyle support and Regenerative Medicine Techniques and provide them health and vitality. Not just this, the centre also offers a range of Aesthetic treatments starting from lasers, fillers, medicated facials to permanent makeup and  Regenerative Cell Therapies.

Shrutika Dewan, Dr. Tribhuvan Gulati and Roma Sekhri with Sunayana Chibba

Recently, the Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre, Saket, hosted an insightful afternoon into the world of functional and metabolic wellness. It was a session where people were made to discover oneself. They were given an insight about the Functional and Metabolic parameters within them.Members from the social circles of the capital city who visited the clinic on the day, included Dr. BK Modi, Preeti Malhotra, Sunayana Chibba, Nida Mahmood, Pratima Pandey to name a few…

Pawni, Parul Mahajan and Pratima Pandey