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Nelofar Currimbhoy Steps Out As A Writer Of Substance On The Indian Literary Canvas

New Delhi, 10th May, 2017:  Nelofar Currimbhoy along with Bloomsbury her publishing house hosted an evening soiree to celebrate the unveiling of her book “Eyes of the Healer”. The theme of the book set the pace and the aura of the evening. There was an unmistakable enchanted feeling to the party that took place at Long Champ , Hotel Taj Mansingh. The highlight of the evening was a Chapter of the book read out in the resonant voice of Actor Kabir Bedi in the presence of, Theatre Actor and Lyricist Piyush Mishra.

Nadir Patel, Piyush Mishra and Tabrik Currimbhoy

The evening also revealed the potential of the writing and the many shades it could take. A dance performance by Preeti Jaideep Mehta  to lilting music as a back drop to two chapter of the book  read out , was a sensory treat for the guests.

Salma Ansari, Neelam Pratap Rudy and Kuchipudi Dancer Kaushalya Reddy

The guest list was extensive Maneka Gandhi Nelofars L.S.R. alumni , Mrs. Salma Ansari wife of the vice President of India were among the guest of the evening. Composed by Rajiv Choudhry was a sensory treat for the guests.

It was also a revelation of Nelofar’s multifaceted creative interests, with the showing of a surreal audio visual choreographed by her to symbolise the poem.

Vani Tripathi, Mohit with Devika Sahni and Arushi Kalra with Punam Kalra

Eyes of the Healer is a saga in verse that holds you spellbound with its engaging rhythm of words and narrative. It is the story of Govinda a young man who challenges the boundaries of the mind, to soar through the spiritual Universe in search of divinity and his muse Maya, a devoted young woman who spins her universe around him and redefines the fruition of love.

With Eyes of the Healer, Nelofar Currimbhoy guides the reader through a landscape that resonates with palpable human emotions.  With surprising and unsettling detail, Currimbhoy pens a story of human fragility, of love and temptation, of spiritual journeys through limitless realms. . Eyes of the Healer is a saga in verse that lifts our transcendent souls past perfunctory existence; a testament to our infinite potential. A book that will stay with you for a long time.

Gunjan with Jatin Kochha, Promila Bahri and Bubbles Sabharwal with Vandy Mehra

‘Eyes of the Healer ‘, is indeed a unique piece of work and perhaps may not have a parallel in Indian English writing. This is an extremely individualistic form of writing, experimental in nature, i t is a brave attempt at a time when popular fiction is the order of the; here is an author who has written not for the numbers but simply to connect to her inner soul and her creative limits.  Interestngly the writing adapts to Indian dance forms and has in it the makings of a dance drama. That is infact how Nelofar hopes to see it eventually. If wishes could be true, perhaps off Broadway someday. With its deep spiritual note running through the narrative it is not surprising that the word ‘ prayer ‘ comes up repeatedly in comments from those who have read it. Reading Eyes of the Healer is a spiritual experience. It is not a book that you put away. It will stay with you for a long time.


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