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Non-Invasive, Safe & Effective Solution For Fat Loss At Lumiere Dermatology

You have tried everything but for some reason your bulges just won’t budge. And, of course you are scared of surgeries like liposuction, which have major risks. Luckily there is a non-invasive, safe and highly effective solution for you! At Lumiere Dermatology, we offer the exclusive NYSlim Fat Loss- offering the best fat loss in Delhi and in India!

Now, science has changed dramatically. With new fat loss technology advancements you don’t have to sacrifice to flaunt those curves. You can erase those love handles in just one sitting without surgery! Yes, you read it correctly – just one sitting. How is this possible? Lumiere Dermatology, New Delhi, India has brought to you the proven, latest, most advanced and effective, non-surgical and safest formula to Freeze the Fat Away so that you can get rid of those unwanted lumps and bumps and get a dramatic inch-loss quickly without surgery, dieting, exercise and minimal downtime.

So, for all you men – NYSlim is The Coolest Way Get Those Perfect Abs! And for all you women, you can Freeze the Fat and Finally Flaunt Your Curves with NYSlim.

Why NYSlim?

NYSlim is the latest and most advanced technology in non-invasive body contouring. NYslim system has the most prevailing and comprehensive technology developed by scientists from Harvard University designed to treat localized fat located in various areas of the body and has several applicators designed to adapt to all areas of the body thereby enabling one’s figure to be completely remodeled. It is highly effective for the treatment of localized fat deposits on the face and body giving faster and prolonged results.

How does it work?

NY slim treatment involves Cryolipolysis or Fat Freezing science in combination with skin tightening, collagen stimulating and fat blasting technology. NY Slim is superior to the normal fat freezing techniques because of how it combines Cryolipolysis with another science that uses collagen stimulation to tighten the skin while also improving fat removal.

Normal fat freezing machines are based on the proven principle that if you freeze fat cells, they will die because they can’t survive such low temperatures. This process uses non-invasive applicators that only targets fat while protecting your skin and organs, and is adapted to all body areas. It delivers precisely controlled cooling to target and eliminate fat cells in almost all areas of your body, which will gently and gradually reduce the fat layer in the area while preserving all other tissues. At Lumiere, we are the only center that boasts having specific applicators designed for each body part. Through customized body applicators, we get significantly better results as we can specifically target only that area’s fat!

In NY Slim system, we use the same Cryolipolysis technology, and then we combine it with an energy delivery based science, that infiltrates through the skin layers and heats the skin tissues selectively where the collagen fibers are embedded. The local heating causes an immediate contraction of the collagen fibers, thus shrinking the fat cells, which are then drained, while those all important fibroblast cells (part of our connective tissue) are stimulated to produce new collagen and elastic fibers. So, this treatment differs from normal fat freezing machines in that along with reducing fat bulges, it also tightens skin, giving faster, prolonged results along with higher decrease in fat.

NYSlim works for nearly all stubborn fat areas in both men and women and is the most effective and ultra-fast way for inch loss. It is very versatile for stubborn pockets of fat on literally any area of the face or body. So it can get rid of your double chin, bra roll, tummy fat, reduce saddle bags and even contour your bum by reducing fat by 20-40% after just one session.

What is the Duration of Treatment?

The procedure can take one hour or more, depending on the size of the area and the number of applicators recommended. The same day we will ask you to exercise for 45-60 minutes to ensure brisk lymphatic flow. Then you will come for your follow up tightening and boosting sessions during the next month. During your consultation, your doctor will discuss how long your procedure will take and how much time you should allow for your office visit.

When Will the Results start showing?

As long as you maintain your body weight, you will see the bulges melt off over the next 2-3 months effortlessly. And, it will last forever as long as you don’t gain weight. In fact, many will see results in even 15 days if their lymphatic flow is brisk, while some take longer to see results. Lumiere Dermatology is only chain in India to provide this American protocol with a 3-pronged method for attacking the fat cells. This is why we achieve the best results in fat loss and inch loss in India.

Is NY Slim Painful?

NYSlim is a pain free, non-invasive and definitive treatment for the elimination of fat cells. Typically, patients are comfortable enough to read, work on their laptop computers, listen to music on headphones, or simply relax during the procedure.

What are the most common post-procedure effects?

NY Slim is a completely non invasive, which allows immediate return to daily routine activities. You may notice some redness in the treated area that lasts from a few minutes to a few hours. In some patients there can be localized bruising which clears within a few days. You can feel sore for a few days as well as if you have exercised. Otherwise, the treatment is completely comfortable and you can get back to you daily routine immediately!

Maximum safety and efficacy ensured

NYSlim treatment allows for the reducing subcutaneous fat in multiple zones of the body with the highest safety. FDA has cleared NY Slim after numerous clinical trials certifying it with great results in regard to the safety of its treatments. Different clinical studies have demonstrated its highest level of efficacy in eliminating fat in all kinds of patients with a very high degree of satisfaction.