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Abhishek Bachchan’s Pet Peeves – Selfies And Broccoli #FirstpostSocialMediaStar

The new episode of Firstpost’s Social Media Star features heartthrob Abhishek Bachchan along with screenwriter Varun Grover, who are seen candidly discussing their social media obsessions, tweets and other interesting trivia amidst tons of laughter with show creator and anchor Janice Sequeira.

During the show, Janice questioned the men about mentioning a selfie pose that they think should go out of fashion. Revealing his discomfort with selfies, Abhishek shared, “I’m really bad at this; I get a major complex, especially with my dear friend Karan Johar because he is just amazing at it.”

He added, “I don’t know, I am just very awkward.”

He went on to share how people also often hand him the camera and ask him to actually click a selfie since he has “longer arms.” Further expressing his discomfort, he revealed, “What makes me very conscious is that people completely cozy up to you. Then all hell breaks loose inside my head and my inner voice starts going nuts and suddenly, I start bringing my wedding ring into the photograph or I just become really stiff.”

However, it isn’t just selfies that happen to be Abhishek’s pet peeves; he also detests broccoli. When Janice referring to his tweets expressing his hatred towards broccoli, questioned him about how badly he has been scarred, to which Abhishek replied, “Who is not scarred by broccoli?”

He shared, “I have this weird phobia of fruits, I just hate fruits, I have never eaten fruits; I hate fruits and green vegetables too. Actually, Aishwarya is the one who started making sure that I ate vegetables, and broccoli was one of them.” He then went on to share how he continues to be unable to comprehend why would anyone ever invent broccoli, amidst laughter and more talks revolving around his and Varun’s social media presence.

Catch Abhishek Bachchan and Varun Grover demystify the world of social media with show creator and anchor Janice Sequeira on Firstpost’s Social Media Star.

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