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Five Offbeat Summer Travel Destinations For The Indian Tourist In 2018


One of the most picturesque holiday destinations in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh is Kalpa. The place has all the essentials of a summer holiday destination-cool weather and calmness. At the same time it is not congested and hotels are relatively easy to find.

The place is also remarkable because of the rays of the Sun that touch the Kinner Kailash mountain peaks and make the vicinity absolutely thrilling. It has verdant natural beauty and parks and the greenery of the place is best seen in the summer months. The small and quaint place is perfect if you are looking for a quiet holiday.

It has limited number of eateries but offers more than sufficient options. The hotel tariff is also affordable and the hotels are comfortable though not star-rated. The noon time can get a little hot in summers but the morning and evenings are very pleasant. There are a number of treks available close by and an avid trekker will find it a very exciting place.

This place gives you the option of seeing Himachali village life from close quarters and enjoy an easy day-routine. It is a perfect place for the entire family to relax for a short holiday of 3-5 days.


This place in West Bengal is situated at a height of 1250 metres from sea level which makes it cool in summers. It does not experience heavy flow of tourists and hence the hotels and food are not very expensive.

The view of the Himalayas from here is unique and enchanting. It is situated next to the river Teesta on which rafting is also possible. The small city has many parks with beautiful flowers like the orchids. It is close to Darjeeling and falls in the district of Darjeeling.

There are tiered fields of corn, rice, millet and seasonal vegetables which are worth looking at. It has a lot of greenery and a small market from where tourists can buy most of the stuff that they need. The majestic Delo Hills are located in the north of the city. The reservoir here is extremely beautiful. On the south side of the city is the Durpin Dara Hills which are again very beautiful.

It has a limited number of eateries but a good number of food options. It is the perfect place for the entire family to relax for a short holiday of 4-5 days.

Nubra Valley

Located 150 kilometers north of the iconic town of Leh, the Nubra Valley is at once a visage of wonder and majesty. You couldn’t be blamed were you to lose yourself in the endless blue and tuft of sky and brownish hue of pristine mountain rock.

To the north lie the commanding heights of the Karakoram and to the south stand the Ladakh ranges. This stretch of flatland infact comprises of two valleys where the rivers Shyok and Siachen converge. Within visible distance lies the famous Karakoram Pass beyond which lies the Chinese province of Xinjiang.

The nearest tourist base to Nubra is Diskit, which is about 15 kilometers off the road between Khalsar and Panamik. Panamik, itself can be an alternative camp if you wish to travel to Nubra. Note that the trip to Nubra can still be a very gratifying experience for its scenic beauty and the fact that it passes through the Khardung La Pass – at 18,380 feet above sea level, the highest motorable road in the world.

One of the other notable passes criss-crossing the vicinity is the Sasser Pass, one of the few to have been part of the historic Silk Route that joined China to faraway Greece via the Mediterranean.

The minimum time recommended to make the trip to Nubra and back is 2 days and is perfect for an overall stay of about 4 days to account for the nearest airport at Leh.


Bekal is a quaint town 16 kilometers south of the district of Kasaragod in Kerala. The first thing that stands out is the imposing Bekal Fort facing the sea on the India’s western coast. Replete with tunnels and towers, lawns and brooding terraces, the fort rises in contrast to the vast expanse of low forest surrounding its walls.

You can watch the waves lash out against the rocks from atop a tower straddling a finger of land against the open ocean. At other places, the waters form a tiny bay and an ideal beach destination that is unexpectedly isolated in an otherwise hectic tourist destination.

Other vistas steeped in history include the Anjaneya temple with its rich brickwork and Theyyams, a mosque attributed to the legendary Tipu Sultan and a rock garden near the vehicle parking lot.

Hotels vary in size, features and cost, which could range from Rupees 2000 to Rupees 10,000. One of the most affluent resorts here, is the Taj, Bekal, which is spread over 26 acres against the beach, replete with manicured lawns and wellness spas.

The nearest airport is at Calicut – about 50 kilometers away. The town of Kozhikode is about 200 kilometers away. Approaching Kasaragod by train is also an option, making it an ideal destination for a stay of 3-4 days.


Despite being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kaziranga National Park is lesser known on Indian tourist circuits owing to its remoteness.

Kaziranga is nestled in the lower heights of the Eastern Himalayas and is penetrated by the mighty Brahmaputra river apart from tributaries such as Diphlu, Mora Diphlu, and Mora Dhansiri.

Home to the Great India One-Horned Rhinoceros, Kaziranga has several other rare flora and fauna amidst its tall grasses and swamps. These include the wild water buffalo and swamp deer.

Officially, the Park opens between the 6 weeks beginning on the 1st of November to the 30th of April due to heavy rains that are deemed unsafe.

The nearest railway station is Helem, about 30 kilometers away, connecting to the national and state capitals.

Wildlife tour packages are easily available to travel to Kaziranga and may be the best option for non-locals in Assam.

It is an ideal destination for a week’s stay.


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