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Victorinox- Mother’s Day Gifting

For the vibrant wife who lives life to the full, or for your modern and active Mom who likes to be prepared for anything life can throw at her. Find inspiring gift ideas  from Victorinox for the lady who is feminine yet still enjoys every day’s adventure


Etherius Range Rs 17,320
Watches- V Price on Request
Large Chef’s Case 31,950
a.       Potato Peeler, Single Edge
b.      Paring Knife
c.       Carving Knife
d.      Carving Knife
e.      Carving Fork. Forged
f.        Spatula, Flexible
g.       Pastry knife, wavy edge
h.      Shaping Knife
i.         Lemon Decorator
j.        Lemon Zester
k.       Apple Corer, 16 mm
l.         Filleting knife, Flexible
m.    Salmon Knife, Fluted edge
n.      Butcher’s knife
o.      Boning Knife
p.      Decorating knife, Forged, without rivets
q.      Potato Baller, 2 scoops
r.        Oyster Knife
s.       Set with 10 icing funnels, stainless, assorted
t.        Set with 10 decorators, stainless, assorted
u.      Set with 3 tying and 2 larding needles
v.       Kitchen sharpening steel, round, 27 cms
w.     Fish shears, stainless

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