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Sanjyt Syngh Unveils Bold And Stylish Décor Ideas

New Delhi, February 2021: —- Delhi-based interior designer and stylist Sanjyt Syngh is celebrated his chic and awe-inspiring projects. He shares some bold and stylish décor ideas that showcase luxury and timelessness.

Sanjyt Syngh’s bold and stylish décor tips include the following:

  • Monochrome Details: “Black and white interiors are a bold choice. When done thoughtfully with a lot of attention to detail, the result is harmonious and a visual treat!” says Sanjyt Syngh.
  • Dark Colour Palette: Painting a wall black, using dark-toned wallpaper or adding dark furnishings and accessories are easy ways to elevate the interiors of any space and add a touch of glamour and sophistication. “Black colour is my muse. Dark spaces inspire me and dark walls work like magic,” adds Sanjyt.
  • Interiors That Inspire: “Surround yourself with a space that inspires you. Be it a photo frame with your family picture, or a souvenir you picked up from your vacation in Tulum. Make it your own!” remarks Syngh.
  • Unorthodox Artwork: Another simple way to instantly elevate your interiors is to incorporate unusual artworks such as paintings and sculptures. Go bold with one large artwork that dominates the wall. Alternatively, add a touch of graphic edge with a variety of abstract art.

Make It Your Own: Finally, a striking space is one that tells the story of its owners through time and space. “If it doesn’t create a conversation, it’s not design! Furthermore, layering your space with objects not only makes it inviting, but also makes it your own,” concludes Syngh.