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Making Of Miss Rajasthan 2018

Making Of Miss Rajasthan 2018 celebrated at Silverine as fresh faces were transformed into beautiful divas.
curtain was raised from Haute fashion and super glamorous cocktail looks

Talk about transforming looks,stunning makeovers, elaborate hair dos, grooming or launching trend setting makeovers, Silverine Spa and Salon has always proved its metal by introducing super chic looks on the dais of Miss Rajasthan by doing makeovers of all contestants of Miss Rajasthan year after year.

This year too Silverine shoulders the responsibility of transforming appearance of all contestants of Miss Rajasthan 2018 and embellish their persona with ravishing makeups and creative hair dos.
Today it was a day dedicated to glamour and high fashion styles as curtain was raised from the most glamorous and scintillating looks of contestants that were in line with cocktail, red carpet and haute couture fashion. The MAKING OF Miss Rajasthan at Silverine based in Jaipur was celebrated today, Ultra glamorous looks and haute fashion makeup trends were showcased by beautiful and talented contestants of Miss Rajasthan 2018, these looks were curated by very talented make up and beauty expert Purnima Goyal. Unlike last year this year you will see festive charm and abundance of glamour through fascinating makeup, palette of gold, metallic and Silver will shine through the creative makeups. Fresh trends of hair couture were launched that are inspired from Victorian and retro era so be prepared to see elaborate and creative hair styles accessorized with embellishment. Contestants also got indulged in dose of spa pampering, live diet counselling and skin care session on the occasion.
All aspiring contestants and fresh faces vying to win the coveted title of Miss Rajasthan were transformed and polished into super glittering divas spreading their sheen and razzle dazzle at Silverine. They were in awe of the way contouring and sparkle was added to their personality.
According to Purnima and Shishir Goyal ” This remains the 4th time that we have shouldered the responsibility for grooming and makeovers for all the contestants of Miss Rajasthan that remains one of the most credible and magnificent event of Jaipur. As you can see all contestants are fresh faces, we have en devoured to do our best in transforming their appearance and turn them into Super beautiful divas. Not only makeup or hair dos but we were part of their grooming as well. From hair, skin care to styling or personality grooming Silverine was proud to be part of the process. And we shall feel proud and be exulted if these contestants make the best from the given opportunity.” concluded Shishir and Purnima Goyal.
According to the organizer of Miss Rajasthan Mr Yogesh Mishra,fusion Group ” This platform serves as best opportunity for budding and aspiring girls to showcase their talent and glamour on the concourse of Miss Rajasthan. This event has grown in magnitude and Silverine has been a regular part of this show year after year, only because of the super exceptional response we received for beautiful makeovers done by Silverine we have traveled this far and repeated our camaraderie. We are happy to align together and put up grand showcasing yet again through Miss Rajasthan 2018.

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