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Amsterdam – A Glimpse Of The Venice Of The North

Mumbai,May 2017: As you stroll upon the hundreds of bridges that arch over the many canals crisscrossing Amsterdam, its legendary architecture envelopes you in a warm vibe that will resonate with you throughout your visit to Venice of the north.

This lovely city has come a long way since its origins, as a quaint fishing village, in order to become a simmering pot of numerous cultures that proudly give the city its warm multicultural identity. Walk through any part of the city and you are bound to find something so magnificent that you are left spellbound, like the scores of street concerts that take place every day, the thousands of beautiful monuments with their own old-world charm and the wealth of art for connoisseurs, some of the greatest achievements in Western art for instance, from Rembrandt to Van Gogh and so many more.

If you are one of the more experimental traveller, then you’ll also be one of the lucky few to experience the sights often missed out on a map. As you go beyond the areas frequented by tourists and explore further, you’ll find some quaint little lanes that hold some of the truly local experiences like quaint stores, beautiful gardens, floating houseboats and so much more. Truly an experience that cannot be missed.

As you explore this charming city, it stands to reason that you will soon start feeling the need for some nourishment. In such a case, fret not! Not only is the cuisine here absolutely mouthwatering and a culinary delight, it also gives an insight into the historical legacy of this city, with the strong influence of Dutch colonialism evident with Indonesian restaurants being common across the city, and the prevalence of the famous Dutch cheese

Viren Batra, CEO & Co Founder of nirvana excursion said, “Amsterdam is everything that you have read till now and a lot more. A vacation here is a true indulgence and is the best gift you can give yourself.”

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