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VOYLLA Ready With Its Popular Republic Of Jewellery 3rd Version

New Delhi: January 18, 2019 – VOYLLA, the fashion jewellery brand for men and women, launched the third season of its popular Republic of Jewellery (ROJ) campaign that brings India’s diverse indigenous art forms with a contemporary twist for modern Indian women. Republic of Jewel 3rd version is dedicated to VOYLLA’s Artisians and Artforms from various states in India

On India’s 70th Republic Day, VOYLLA pays a tribute to the rich legacy of Indian art, culture and heritage through its collection of jewellery that brings to life the craft and folklore from different Indian states spanning the length and breadth of the country.

You can choose from an array of beautiful jewellery inspired from Punjab’s colourful Phulkari and Bengal’s Kantha embroidery to southern temple jewellery and Maharashtrian Thushi — some of India’s richest, brightest and most exquisite designs.

At its core, VOYLLA is a brand that’s always taken inspiration from India’s traditional art and crafts for the designs of its jewellery pieces. Each piece tells the story of Bharat’s monuments, forts, cultures, dance form communities and people, among others. VOYLLA’s Karigari or craftsmanship transcends time and beauty in a way that draws modern Indian women back to their roots.

Phulkari: Inspired by the traditional embroidery of Punjab, VOYLLA brings to you its exquisite Phulkari collection replete with embroidery floral work artistically hand-crafted into the jewellery. Jewellery from this vibrant collection takes you straight back to Punjab. With its vibrant colours and flower-bloom patterns being the core motif of this collection, each piece can add that spark to any regular wardrobe. Pick up your favourite intricately-designed earrings and neckpieces from Phulkari now!

Kantha: Bringing to life traditional embroidery of West Bengal and Odisha, VOYLLA’s new Kantha Collection jewellery is a little treasure trove of earrings and necklaces. Each motif of the collection is designed over a gold-toned background. Each piece from this stunning Kantha collection will make a unique style statement for not only art connoisseurs but also the fashion-forwards.

Treasure Trove: Taking inspiration from the antique silver treasure trunk, each piece is intricately crafted with temple architecture, royal animals and emblems as inspiration. Vibrant blue, yellow and pink stones make for eye catching detailing. The collection has a range of affordably priced earrings and neck pieces that one can wear with both western and traditional outfits. Each piece comes with the Voylla assurance of quality and durability.

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