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These Saas-Bahu Jodis Are Rocking The Pre-Wedding Shoot Like A Pro

Marriages are made in heaven but making of splendid wedding is a hell of a task. And the task list is becoming even bigger with changing trends, one such trend is; Pre-Wedding Shoot at the best romantic location of the town with the best set up. When you think pre-wedding shoot and a couple posing romantically amidst an exotic locale is probably the first thing to come to your mind. Sure, it is a great way for to-be-married couples to bolster the bond that they share. But ShaadiWish, believe it is not just the two people but also the two families that get tied together in the holy nuptial knot. And one of the most beautiful bonds that is also formed in this union apart from that of the husband and the wife is the one between a mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law. So, ShaadiWish decided to celebrate this budding relationship by introducing a new concept of the pre-wedding shoot, whereby capturing the blooming love and friendship between these ladies.

Campaign is titled “The Chosen Mom” invited entries from this wedding season’s ‘hone wali bahus’ whereby they shared the details of their ‘hone wali mom-in-law’ and what makes their relationship special. ShaadiWish received more than 100 entries for the contest and chose two gorgeous pairs of ‘saas bahus’- a sassy and too-cool-to-be-true one and other, the sweet and adorable one!

One such a new concept has its own kind of inhibitions & limitations. But, the result has been pure bliss. ShaadiWish recently had a blast at two different themed shoot with mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law i.e. The Saas Of Swag & The Vivacious Bahu and The Dream Mom-In-Law & The Awwdorable Bahu.

  • The Saas Of Swag & The Vivacious Bahu

Meet our saasy ‘saas bahu’ jodi, Mrs Gursharan Batra and Gunjan Walia- considering Gunjan’s chirpy personality and Mrs Batra’s ‘too cool to be true’ attitude, these two are just perfect for each other. Their chemistry is pretty evident in the pictures. Check out the photographs and you will agree!

  • The Dream Mom-In-Law & The Awwdorable Bahu

This is one high on adorbs saas-bahu jodi that we have been swooning over ever since we met them. While Priyanka and Mrs Agrawal are yet to become one family officially, the love that the two ladies have for each other is quite commendable. Mrs Agrawal came all the way from Mathura to Delhi just for this shoot because Priyanka wanted it! Isn’t that the sweetest thing that a to-be ‘saasu ma’ can do for her ‘hone wali bahu’? Undoubtedly, such a sweet and strong bond is a rare thing to be seen (oh well, let us all knock the woods) and we just can’t wait to show you how these divas came even closer through our unique pre-wedding shoot.

Loved the idea of having a pre-wedding shoot with your mom-in-law? Well, if you too want one for yourself, just leave your details with us by filling in the form below and we will find you the best of the vendors at the best price possible for your shoot!


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