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Sufiana Kalam “Jashn-E-Mohabbat” By Dhruv Sangari Organised By Routes2Roots Supported By ICCR

New Delhi, March 24, 2016 – This is the time of the year when fragrance of spring is in the air and the entire atmosphere is full of colours reminding us of our love and oneness with our creator. To celebrate this spirit of eternal love Routes 2 Roots, supported by ICCR, presents an evening of sublime poetry of Sufi saints titled “Jashn-e-Mohabbat”.  Dhruv Sangari and his group of eclectic Musicians will take you through the journey of Sufism steeped in love through Qawwali and Sufiana Kalam atAzad Bhawan Auditorium. Dhruv Sangari needs no introduction for those familiar with Sufi style of singing. His mesmerizing voice stirs emotions in the listener’s soul.

He sang in his authentic Sufi style the Bhakti poetry of great Sufi saints. Artist is considered to be the medium through which the preaching of great saints has to be passed on to others. He believes in singing freely in composition written in Farsi, Urdu, Arabic, Punjabi and Hindvi Sufi by poet saints such as Melvana Rumi, Hafez, Bulle Shah, Meera, Kabir, Baba Farid and Amir Khusro. Dhruv with his enchanting folk tunes, mesmerizing lyrics and captivating performance was bound to capture the heart of audience.

His rendition was accompanied by an audiovisual on the journey of Sufism, the age old Ganga Jamuni tradition thereby symbolising the convergence of cultures and spirituality. Specially selected stills of Sufi shrines and destination were also featured as part of the unique concert. In a one of its kind presentation the tradition of dance was integrated with the musical pieces of Dhruv by Kathak Dancers to represent the all encompassing spirit of Sufism.

Sufi singer Dhruv Sangari said, “This is one of my rare performances where we have tried to present the journey of Sufism through various art forms integrated together.

Mr. Rakesh Gupta & Ms. Tina Vachani, Co-founder Routes 2 Roots said, “Music is a beautiful link to bring people closer. Sufism is not related to any religion and in fact propagates the integration of all of them as the one and true path to ones creator.”

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