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April- Monthly Reading By Dr. Madhu Kotiya, Spiritual Healer


A very good and entertaining month beckons you to show your skills and potentials. You will have blast!! Health, body, mind, spirit synchronize well making you a very efficient person. You enjoy materialistic and spiritualistic pleasures too. Challenges will come on your career front making you stronger, sharper and versatile person. If you are in job, your boss would want some extra ordinary work done from your side and in order to prove yourself you leave no stone to unturned. You will get the favor from the higher authorities, promotion, raise in salary is likely. Business person will earn good money.A new and very positive beginning is on the cards. If you are currently in a committed relationship, it may well rise to new and better heights soon. You will re-connect. If you’re looking for love, this is a very positive time to get out and meet people, something new could start that is very promising in terms of love. Be prepared. Think positively. Have fun.
TAROT TIP: Being careful is the key of the month, whether it’s relationships, money matters or that job you have been doing. Be cautious in all your dealings.

You may need to understand the language of your body. Chances are good that you have been overdoing, working too hard, behaving too intensely. Give yourself and the others around you a break, your frayed nerves demand it. Silence and rest works wonders. Start a new workout regime, to relax you. This is likely a prosperous period for you. Just make sure your money is working for you as hard as you work for it. Business is also likely to be going very well at this time, you will be proud of yourself, and others will be proud of you. That’s a good thing but don’t get terribly carried away. You seem to be on the right track, just don’t sit back and rest on your laurels. Keep plugging ahead. Your relationship is about to become a whole lot more committed up to. If you’re looking for love there is fair chance that you feel happy in finding a perfect match for you. Marriage, engagement or other auspicious ceremony may take place at home.
TAROT TIP: There will be positive aura around and you enjoy the warmth and affection of your parents and other relations too.

Your vitality is very strong now and you should have quite a lot of get up and go. This is an excellent time to begin or increase a fitness plan you may be able to make more progress than you ever thought possible. You are feeling fully charged up and this energy should be channelized in proper way, that has to thought off. This is a good month when you are being acknowledged. Your boss may behave or talk to you in a way that you find bothersome but the truth is that you are asked to work with your full potential. If you are looking for job, there are chances that you get a good job in this month. Interview, or competitive exam will be successfully attended and give you good stand in your career. Be sure that you are reciprocate in love. Don’t spend too much time in self-pity or wishing your life away. Put your focus on the things and people in your life that you have to be thankful for.
TAROT TIP: Look hard at yourself as to whether you are being realistic with regards to love. Sitting in loneliness drowned in own world can make you exclude from your near and dear ones.

This will be a time of peace, joy, and prosperity for you. You will have at least a short period of time that you are feeling exceptionally well and upbeat about your future. Give thought to how you may support and continue good health. You may be in a position when people may ask you the secret of good health. Things are going to be well. You are likely to be feeling charged up, ready for action. Good news in terms of your career is likely to be headed your way soon. Work projects are likely to move ahead in a positive way, sooner than you’re expecting. Make your bag and baggage ready for business travel. You should be proud of your accomplishments and your contributions. This is an excellent time to meet someone new if you are searching for a new relationship. If you’re ready for love, get out and mingle. A new relationship could happen at any time. If you’re already committed, your relationship may move to new, higher, more fulfilling levels.
TAROT TIP: Goddess of love is blessing all showers on you. Enjoy the bliss!!

You may have health challenge this month. It’s important to stay in the moment and to pay attention to how you can keep a sense of balance in your life. Moderation is an important part of living for a sensible and healthy life. Keep away from spicy and junk food. Consume lots of liquids, meditation, yoga and Pranayam etc activities will do well for you. In terms of work, there’s a very good chance that you are working far too hard for far too little recognition and money. You may overlook your many positive accomplishments. You may expect some amazing opportunities outside your own country in form of new project. This could lead to some very interesting realizations. Your connection with the people staying abroad will prove beneficial. There is an indication of a relationship that is about to end. The stars don’t augur well in terms of relationship.
TAROT TIP: If you are in a relationship that you absolutely positive and don’t want to see it coming to an end, this is an important time for damage control and for clear communications.

You need some time and space of your own. Don’t be afraid to take it. Even if it’s just a five minute walk, or sitting in meditation so that you can refresh yourself. Try hard to do the right thing. Just make sure that doing the right thing includes doing what is right for you personally, and not just worrying about the wants and needs of others. You may be stuck waiting on a decision that has to be made by other people. Try to be patient and refrain from pushing people to move before they are ready. If you have done your homework, things are likely to work out in your favour. Leave your confusions and double state of mind aside; it may hamper your growth professionally. If you are single, you will meet a love soon – someone who you really are looking for. You can look forward to at least one pleasant reunion with someone that you have been apart from for some time.
TAROT TIP: This is the time to rejoice, sharing your experiences with the loved ones.

Your health may not be all that you would like it to be, Be grateful for what you have. Slow down and take easy. Overdoing, tiredness may be damaging, and can bring disaster. High BP and seasonal ailments may get aggravated putting you in trouble. Rest and timely medical advice is must. A need for balance and caution at professional front too is required. Make sure you know where you are money-wise. Hiding from issues will not solve them. If you need extra income, know that you can make it happen; you just need to be creative. The easiest thing to do is probably to cut your expenses. Avoid conflicts and arguments with fellow workers. Your creative energy makes you sharper and aggressive which may cause harm you if you use it in your relationship area.
TAROT TIP: Know when to push and when to back off; many fights and discussions are not actually worth having as long as your partner is treating you with respect. Allow your partner to have his or her space.

You may need to take action in order to improve your health status. Several methods, remedies and precautions for managing good health you keep reading but not following. Think about what these things might be, and then follow through. Every action makes a difference. Think positively. You may find things going much better at work, almost out of the blue. A powerful person is likely to support you. This is a good time to ask for a raise or to seek employment that pays more if you are so inclined. On the whole, your career front is looking up. If you are seeking funding through a bank, for your own business, you may be more successful than you had imagined. Vitality, freedom, joy, and self-expression in relations is on the cards. This is a time, if you are in a committed relationship, when both you and your beloved may enjoy intense moments. This is not a time to be whiny, clingy, or needy.
TAROT TIP: If you’re looking for love – it definitely could be on the horizon for you.

You may be blowing small health issues out of all proportion. Be sure to get things evaluated even if you have no money and no health insurance, there is always a way to get treatment if you are persistent and then do the best you can to take care of them. Meditation and relaxation is a key to improving your health. Meditate even if all you can manage is 30 seconds at a time. Your workload may be unrealistically heavy now. You are doing overtime but still work is not in control. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, learn the value of time and managing time. Your senior may want to cash your potential. If you are looking for a position with much success, do not lose heart. Keep trying. You need for a change in the scene. If you are already in a relationship, take your beloved on a trip, even if it’s just down the street for a picnic or something of the sort.
TAROT TIP: If you’re looking for love, there is a need to get out of your routines and your usual haunts

You may need to take action in order to improve your health status. Think about what these things might be, and then follow through. Every action makes a difference. Think positively. The new diet programme, exercise regime, and balanced working schedule will do wonderfully well for you. Reschedule your life and don’t forget to include some mind busters as it will activate your mind and make you creative. Good luck that you hadn’t counted on could be yours. If you have a big dream, or are working on a project that has been stalled, this could be the week that it moves forward finally. If you’ve been interviewing for a job, this could be the time that the one you were really hoping for finally comes through. The week has stored many good things for you, there is support from the colleagues and reason to smile as your boss appreciate your work. This is a challenging time things are not in your favour.
TAROT TIP: Stay clear about what you most want from relationships.

You may be anxiously waiting for test results or for information on what a particular health problem actually means. Take one moment at a time, think positively, and know that it may take a while to get to the bottom of what is really happening. Advocate for yourself, ask questions, and educate yourself as much as you can. Discuss your problems; they are not as big as you think. You may be feeling overwhelmed and unexcited as more work to be done than there is time to do it. There are fair chances that you get new job offers with better perspectives. Those in business will be able to generate a new source of income. There is a very happy indication with regard to love. If you are currently committed, you will move to the next level; living together, engagement, marriage, childbirth is the possibilities. If you’re not in a relationship, a new love may come into your life soon.
TAROT TIP: For a time, you are likely to have a peaceful, happy period in your love life. Enjoy it, and make sure your beloved knows how much they mean to you.

Your belief system is going well!! Even if you are stressed to the utmost regarding your time and energy, you can take two seconds out of your day to think positively. Rest, entertaining yourself are rejuvenating giving you better health. Patience and coolness are your tools to stay fit. You need to fully understand and face the reality of your financial situation. Hiding from it will solve nothing. It also points toward a need for generosity toward others. You may not feel inclined to be generous; anyway the rewards you reap will be more than worth it. Your’s logical and reasoning powers are good, success in interview or competitive exams is on the cards. You need to seriously re-evaluate a relationship. You may be sticking with someone that is actually not worth for you, since you figure it’s better than nothing. If that’s the case, rethink. Being in an unhealthy relationship is much worse than being alone. If you are looking for love, this is not the time.
TAROT TIP: Sit calm and quiet. Marital life too has its problems. Difference of opinions, arguments, conflicts are on the cards.


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