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Be unforgettable. Make every day a declaration…

Mastering quality, movement and craftsmanship, the exquisite pieces of the ‘Glitterati Collection’ awaken new provocations through dynamic pairings and intersecting inspirations as a result of the intimate dialog between the diamonds, their colors and the four corners of the globe. With this collection, Avama unleashes a radiant manifestation of infinite movement and creation. Driven by a universal curiosity, Avama’s master jewellers continue to uncover bold new techniques led by a curiosity of beauty.

The brilliance of diamonds and the allure of deep-hued emeralds, sapphires and rubies, come together on a singular design canvas in the exclusive Glitterati Collection. The regal bouquet from Avama is guaranteed to set your senses alight. The Collection is uber luxury yes, but much more: each piece is crafted for the connoisseur, and no design is repeated.Be the epitome of class and finesse as you carry yourself with élan on the Red Carpet!

Avama Jewellers retails from its flagship store at
25A, Room #208, 2nd Floor, Camac Street,Vardan Market, Kolkata

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