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Pooch Pool Party By TopDog Luxury Pet Resorts

After the successful hangover of the last event they hosted TopDog stole our hearts again by hosting another one of their pet pool parties. TopDog Luxury Pet Resorts held another on of their super fun pool parties for pooches and their proprietors, in relationship with Ruffwear India. TopDog Luxury Pet Resorts is giving the general population what they need – a Pooch Pool Party festivity in Gtown!

The event was and pre-enlistment was required. After the last event this was an event awaited for by the proprietors and their pets. They additionally gave out free Bronze enrollment to the initial 10 information exchanges which incorporates 10 long periods of doggie daycare, 5% off on grooming, and 5% off on pet store and different advantages. The pool party was a full package entertainment for not only the little animals but also their owner. It was just like the pervious event but much better. It consisted of facilities like an instant polaroid stand to capture the moments forever so that the pet and owner can relive again and again. Waterproof toys and other products allowed the pooches to have some extra fun and of course treats were given for those “good boys”. Surprise gift bags distributed after every event so the no pup is left out. Sprinklers were available for those water babies. For an even more successful day agility grounds and pools were provided. To add a cherry on top, TopDog gave a 10% off on grooming that day, because our munchkins love being pampered every once in a while! This event was supervised by Gautam Kari (International Award-winning Animal Behaviorist) who goes around to asses and analyze every dog that comes in and provides behavioural assessment and free training advice. Not only that, he also entertained the guardians by his musical talent.

According to Vikram Sharma, CEO and Founder of Topdog Luxury Pet Resorts, “We love hosting special events for all dog lovers and to give them a chance to meet other pet parents and their babies. The events are fun, casual and our expert team is always there to supervise, guide and provide behavioural advice!”

“The pool parties that we host are extremely beneficial for many pet parents whose pooches have never been in the pool! Since our pool is only 2 feet in depth, it gives dogs a chance to start liking water and also allows pet parents to go into the water with their dogs which in turn helps to create a strong bond” says, Gautam Kari, COO of Topdog Luxury Pet Resorts.

With the late spring months warming up, numerous individuals make a beeline for the pool to beat the warmth. In any case, with TopDog comes to your aid so, you don’t need to leave your pooches at home! Give them a chance to participate in the fun as well. To finish it off, they continue facilitating super pawsome occasions. In what might be one of the coolest and fun thoughts, heaps of hairy munchkins sprinkled into TopDog pool to beat the warmth of summer!

“A day which gives a break from the daily life busy schedule to get to know my dog better and give him the best time in the pool and exercise possible. This made my little puppy significantly happy and refreshed after the outing”, said one of the pet owners.

TopDog Luxury Pet Resorts is a full service pet facility spread more than 45,000 sq. feet, giving the most astounding nature of administrations to pet guardians and their puppies. Their intended interest group has faith in the best watch over their canine’s that are a piece of their family.


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