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“La Couler”, A Classic Collection From GK

GK, an International Luxury Jewel adornment brand unveils “La Couler”, a Classic collection of elemental jewels for the style conscious.

 “La Couler” is the French name for colour. The collection exudes Class and Style in its true sense. Each piece is reminiscence of diligent designing and pure perfection and luxury. The final layer of 2.5 micron is in pure 24K gold with colorful semi-precious and precious stones engraved in it. The dual tone product line consist of brass and pure gold. La Couler collection is designed in Paris, made in Italy and packaged in Hongkong for the Style conscious Indians.

GK is the pioneer in introducing Elemental Jewellery in India, which is made by mixing various precious and semi precious metals & stones. Elemental Jewellery is an aspirational Jewellery which is  worn for its beauty, craftsmanship and sophistication. Elemental Jewellery is trending among the urban elite of the country and is gaining importance as a new style statement.

La Couler collection ranges from INR10,000 to 35,000

Available at  : GK, plush designer studio at Hotel Ashok, New Delhi.

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