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International School Of Design Presents The Grand Fashion Event “ECO FASHION 2017”

New Delhi, 9th November: Fashion is at the forefront this winter as International School of Design, New Delhi one of the premier design school in India once again electrifies the city with its high impact, fully integrated fashion show featuring the creative minds of INSD with their breathtaking collections at the Garden of Five Senses, Saket, New Delhi. The show stopper was Ms Richa Sood,Pilot and BJP leader & spokesperson.

 The grand INSD fashion show with sustainable fashion as its core theme rightly named “ECO FASHION 2017” travels you across all boundaries of design and witness the extraordinary creations at its glamorous best. . It was time to back pack and sneak peek in jet setting Diva’s fashion Pandora. Soaked in the paradise of this diverse extravaganza and celebrate the ultimate style. Each INSDIAAN had dexterously worked on sustainable fashion with each of their individual collection and extracted the best vision from their creative young minds .Who’s who from Delhi fastened their fashion bells and checked in their style passport  to take off on the razzmatazz runway of easy chic! The themes presented by students are FANTASY, SAY IT ALL, SPECTRUM, SATVA, and ARISTOCRACY.

In addition to being a unique opportunity for upcoming talented fashion designers, the event will also spotlight the finest upcoming Interior Designers. The concept of this exciting event is to create a posh environment to enjoy a top-of-the-line runway show.

We, at INSD live and breathe design and this event was the highlight of our finely designed academic training, practical training & industry centric programs said Mr. Sunjey Aggarwal, Founder & CEO. The grand fashion event featured the innovative designs in fashion & interiors. The event also featured innovative products by Interior Design Students and interesting giveaways. 

International School of Design-INSD has made a prominent presence in India as the premier design college within a short span ,now at 40+ centres all across India covering most of the metro cities,and INSD is also very proud to be awarded with a National award for the best design college in India 2017 by the director AICTE.

Group -1


“The man who has no imagination has no wings.”

Blue is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration and sensitivity. Blue also represent meaning of depth, trust, loyalty and intelligence. Beige is flexible , neutral, calm and relaxing. waste denim pants and jackets and crochet old tops are used to make dresses as the main element is sustainable.

USP: Waste Denims and waste crochet material

Group member names:

Rashi durga

Suman pachori

Komal gupta

Anam khan

Garima jain

Gulmehra (Interior design Dept)

Articles made by interior student are dream catchers and decorative hangings , that can be used in interiors with the help of crochet and grey, denim colors.

Group – 2


Theme defines women power which says everything


 Women who are bold and beautiful despite being subjected to male chauvinism. They stand strong. We have thus created these lines an garments. Captions are dedicated to their spirit. Fabrics are used in garments are waste stuff which is enhanced by printing and fringes are made with waste threads and yarns to achieve the theme sustainable fashion.

USP: fringes and fabric paint

Group member names:

Naina jain

Ritika hinduja

Ritu g.c

Bhavika khattar

Nikki verma

Rupal (Interior design Deptt)

Interior student is making lamp made with ply board base and three sizes of cubes, made with ivory sheets.pasted together & use of printing blocks to match the theme played by fashion students.


Group – 3


A ray of light when splits from a rainbow of seven colors and reflection of those colors is known as spectrum. The beautiful colors of spectrum can be seen in our nature and in our regular life as well. It fulfill our life with happiness, joy and also give us mental peace. The choice to wear color definitely affects our mood and everyday life. Fabrics are used are waste swatches of net of different colors and waste buttons which are scrap in market are used to enhance dresses.

USP: buttons and scrap fabrics

Group members name:

Rahul kumar

Pooja kumari


Gursimran kaur

Gauri Mehta (Interior Design Deptt)

Interior student is making mirror and wall hangings. Mirror made out with the use of different & colorful buttons matching the theme played by fashion students.


Group – 4


With the sky so high, spread wings and fly.

The perfect symbol for freedom and perspective bird’s spirit. Often also known for being messengers. The name of collection is SATVA, which means nature. Birds and trees are the basic element taken as inspiration from nature. Collection is inspired to promote sustainable fashion. The left out fabric is not only wasted but also pollutes the environment. Thus the collection showcases the spirit of bringing together of different elements to create something incredible.

USP: yarn birds and appliqué

Group members name:

Kirti goel

Naina singhal

Bharti kapoor

Sneha khalkho

Sapna bhardwaj


Group – 5


Theme aristocracy means royalty. The theme shows the royalty in garments by the use of sustaining fabrics and material. One key element though is that not only does the aristocrat uphold standards of dresses, but seeks to inspire as well. We are promoting eco fashion which saves environment and part of growing design philosophy and trend of sustainability. The goal of which is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility.

USP:  scrapped swaroski, waste fabrics

Group members name:

Simarpreet kaur

Bhaskar jain

Viven Chaudhary (interior design)

Interior student is making miniature chair with use of same stuff which is used in garments.