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Charkha Pashmina Shawls By Wrap Studio

Wrap Studio presents the most extravagant offering of Charkha Pashmina shawls for the luxury connoisseur. This limited edition of Charkha Pashmina is an impeccable masterwork of art. Entirely hand spun, hand woven, hand painted and hand embroidered; it easily qualifies as a treasured heirloom that takes as long as 6 months to take birth. Rejuvenating the heritage of pashmina fabric from Kashmir, Wrap Studio captivatingly integrates concepts of different craft segments such as hand painting and embroidery culminating the final product as entirely Made in India harnessing the specialties of different states.

Besides the exclusive fiber and thread used, the patience and dedication of skilled craftsmen enriches the uniqueness of Charkha Pashmina. Designed and embellished with conceptualized idea and envisioned fashion trends these sheer brilliant wraps are as soft as petal. It is available  in colors like Maroon, Black & Green. Charkha Pashmina shawls from Wrap Studio is fashioned with best quality yarn & dexterity.
Mr. Siddharth Saigal, Owner, Wrap Studio says, “This luxurious product is handcrafted using the finest of natural fibers obtained from the high altitude Himalayan Goats. The fibers are hand spun on traditional charkha’s using extremely skillful hands. The most precious of these yarns are woven by master weavers into this extraordinary product in Kashmir.”     
Price on Request
Availability- The Wrap Studio, 116A, Shahpur Jat, Near Sirifort Auditorium, New Delhi

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