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Anju Modi At AIFW AW’17 | Day 3

Unearthing some of the hidden treasures of our textile heritage, Anju Modi presents an architecture-inspired collection that channel in the core tenants of the label – TIMELESS, VINTAGE, HANDCRAFT, ORGANIC.

Like the deep blue night sky, that makes the perfect backdrop for cosmic symphony, Neelambar poetically uses sona and rupa for a prosaic collection of traditional techniques.

A juxtaposition of fluid floral motifs and organic elements with structural silhouettes and design details of the minarets, Neelambar is an outtake of our rich textile legacy; an attempt to weave the traditional knowledge and skills of our master craftsmen with threads of modernity.

Each ensemble has been paired with especially curated footwear by NEEDLEDUST. Hand Crafted by some of India’s finest artisans, these bespoke fine leather juttis speak the charm of a true old school artisan.

Also taking the astral narrative forward are the sublime yet sculpted accessories by Roma Narsinghani. The whimsical pieces much like a symphony are complex yet simple, and have been forged using precious metals with an aesthetic that is elegant, sophisticated, cutting edge and timeless.


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