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Affordable Diamonds For You

Since the beginning of time, jewels, precious stones and gold have been associated with wealth, power and royalty. It has also been a symbol of affluence and a marker of a person’s social Status. Today in Urban India, all of this is about to change…there are a few Jewellery brands in the market that have changed the entire perception and reach of Precious jewellery in India, one such Brand is Vishal Jewels, located in the famous South Delhi Market of GK-1 ,M Block!

You don’t have to spend thousands and Lakh’s of Rupees on Jewellery, you can spend very little and buy the most exclusive hand crafted pieces that are unique in terms of design and crafting. Vishal Jewels has brought a unique and exciting new range of Royal Handcrafted Diamond Jewellery for everyone, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The entire collection is Youth centric yet carries with it a royal and undying charm. In India, a lot of consumers have a decent disposable income and affordable diamond jewellery is already gaining popularity in this segment. Vishal Jewels has brought a collection that has been hand crafted by their artisans and would be the perfect gift for any Woman.

Diamonds are undoubtedly the best possessions of a Woman and you no longer need to burn a hole in your pocket to afford some! Say Rahul & Sourabh Maheshwari from Vishal Jewels. At revolutionary prices that have never been offered in the market, Vishal Jewels have brought an exciting range of Diamond Jewelry starting from just 15 Thousand INR.The collection has rings, earrings and Diamond Pendants and sets all under 1 Lakh.


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