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Valentine’s Collection Launch By Surbhi Pansari

Valentine’s Day– It’s the ultimate date night. Men spend so much time planning  that they overlook a key element…their presentation. Here are a few outfit ideas from Designer Surbhi Pansari that will have you covered whether you’re planning something low-key and casual or elegant and highly romantic.

Men and Fashion finds a quirky mix at Kolkata’s most inspiring and sensational boutique by designer Surbhi Pansari who specializes in menswear. The aesthetics that gave life to the concept, roots in a simple belief – to explore the new age style that can encourage men to change their fashion outlook from mundane and monotonous to spirited and bold, allowing them to create their own style statement. Futuristic – Unusual – Exclusive; the brand brings forth an atypical range of smart apparels for men which concocts lot of theatrics as dramatic cuts, bold silhouettes, and unique experiments create garments which for sure creates a lasting impression.

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