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Spring 2017 Makeup Trend

Fashion keeps re-inventing itself over and over again – this is why a change in a season leads to a change in the trend itself. This spring, get ready to exhibit innate style with these appealing trends that is sure to take you places! Who better than the makeup maestro to do it, so here we have, Hollywood Return Beauty Expert and Executive Director at Alps Cosmetic Clinics, Ishika Taneja, to tell you about the latest spring makeup trends for 2017 in detail.

Metallic Makeup

It can be a breakout beauty trend for spring 2017. Sparkling eyeliner, metallic lips, or heavy metal-mani can give you a metallic make up, wear a makeup that make you look cool and fashionable. A full-blown metallic look may not satisfy you, so a little bit of glittery liner can be a good choice for you. Sparking eyeliner is simple too; it only adds some loose glitter sequins to your liner and boom. Going disco with this look can enhance your beauty there. Select any metallic makeup shade that fascinates you from rose gold shades, silver shades, gold shades, and copper shades.

Gothic Lips:

Regenerated love for the fashion of deeper plum, matte reds, burgundies, 90s brick shades that I call the gothic power, is listed in the new trend of makeup for this year.  Dark gray and black eye makeup is the gold standard for creating the Goth – inspired look, but you must know it that the new Goth is all about making it wearable so that you look just the right amount of troubled – not like you don’t know what you’re doing.  Utilizing colors like blues, purples, and even soft browns that soften up the look and is infinitely more flattering. Spring is all about freshness, romance this is why, get a fresh, translucent complexion that looks clean, clear and youthful, which provides a perfect counterbalance to darker lips and eye colors that can run the risk of aging you and make you look cool.

Winged Liner:

A winged liner not only catches the attention towards your eyes but also instantly turns you into yesteryear diva. If you have small eyes then expand your eye area by doing a double wing, draw your line along your upper lash line then make a small flick outward. For round eyes, use an angled brush and cream eyeshadow or liner and draw at a downward angle toward the eye’s outer corner.  It is advisable to use liquid liner instead of a gel-based liner for a sharper finish. You can also utilize a visiting card as a stencil to solve the purpose. Though one can avoid kohl at the waterline to keep it all subtle; you may harmonize the cat eyeliner (winged liner) with thickened eyebrows. In the end, don’t forget to curl-up the lower lashes of yours with mascara to bring an overall balance on your face.

Infuse Royal Glow on Cheeks:

During the day, you can use a pink or preach blush-on to infuse a dash or warmth on your face for an elegant look. Whereas, bronzing your face with a chocolate brown bronzer is recommended for evening to give you a diva look. As with all makeup, blush and bronzer color choices should be based on one’s skin tone and it can be determined by using a mirror in natural or white light. See, using blushers/bronzers is very important as it chisels-out you face and makes the features appear sharper; while giving you a perfect jaw-line to flaunt on every spring-date.