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Splitsvilla 9 Winner DJ Kavya Khurana’s Magical EDM Night At The Arena Club

New Delhi, 14th January 2017: Though it was a festive night, still the capital was all set to tap its feet over some high EDM, commercial dance and progressive music with Splitsvilla 9 fame and winner DJ Kavya Khurana. Kavya was performing at The Aerna Club, Ansal Plaza Mall on Saturday night at The Electro Funk gig.

Kavya’s love for EDM is not new and even when she was in Splitsvilla 9 she was known for her love affair with music. Model, singer, anchor and performer Kavya took the stage all over and played the best of it to entertain the audience. The frosty evening started with progressive track and gradually moved to high EDM and commercial dance music.

Kavya said, “As a DJ it is necessary to understand the beats and then play to groove the audience, and that is what I do. It was a winter night, so to energize the audience I played progressive tracks and then moved to high EDM to let the audience feel the heat and have a crazy musical night.”×280&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=PPvln2ncQe&p=https%3A//

On her love for Delhi she said, “It’s a city that accepts everyone and allows growing personally and even professionally. Being a native of the city I feel the DJ night culture has swiftly changed and it’s on the highest pace now and it needs to settle a bit.”

Kavya who loves playing techno and progressive music feels that playing in winters in Delhi is bliss, because the audience is warm, they have good sense of music and make you feel part of the space.

For Kavya, music is her soul and nothing else keeps her happy and content apart from superior music.

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