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Outhouse Debuts Couture Jewellery Line ‘ARMIS’ At India Couture Week2018

New Delhi, August 27th 2018: From empowering a vision to coaxing it into concrete reality, Outhouse has embarked over the years,on the road to address a new wave of jewellery as never seen before. Surging to the present, Outhouse challenged the norm breaking new ground with Outhouse Couture that explores a realm of avant garde jewellery. Today, they showcased the capsule collection from Outhouse Couture at India Couture Week 2018 in collaboration with designer Amit Aggarwal.

Inspired from the brand’s core element ‘chrysalis’, each piece championed individuality through intricate craftsmanship and signature inventiveness. Upbeat music, three-dimensional structures and the models in sharply cut innovative patterns& silhouettes, gave the ambience an incredible sculptural aura creating a new inimitable couture language. The bejewelled armorage was specifically tailored to sync with Amit Aggarwal’s designs,mimicking the strong feminine force that journeys through life’s trials and tribulations, effortlessly capturing show-stopping glamour and set an edgy style for the sartorial out-of-cocoon regalia.

The ‘chrysalis’ structure was the focal point of all the earrings, necklace and rings while the metallic colors and clever textures gave the jewellery a majestic grandeur.

With this capsule collection, OH Couture forayed into complex crystalline jewellery forms that are derived from the changing phases of the exotic butterfly in a melancholic mood, showcasing the bold effrontery and an edgier side in opposition to the demure behaviour that the beautiful creature portrays. The pieces have been designed using organic and eccentrically structured forms of butterfly wings, exploring the gradual stages from cocoon to chrysalis.

The range depicts variations sparring with feminine rose gold and gunmetal, a fluctuation synonymous to the struggle in evolution. These structures were channeled through the doorknocker earrings sporting filigree inspired from the butterfly’s intricate wings in solid structural forms, and a range of webbed bold ear cuffs with deconstructed chevron details in cage-like structuring.

The colour palette consists of jewel tones of rose quartz, silver onyx, as well as metallic shades of rose gold, silver, pewter and light gold, delicately accentuated the OUTHOUSE jewellery collection.

Bollywood’s gorgeous beauty Shilpa Shetty sashayed down the runway in a stunning Amit Aggarwal masterpiece along with OUTHOUSE jewellery, radiating power, glamour and a quiet sophistication. Encapsulating certain strength and fluidity, the collection ‘Armis’ paid a beautiful homage to the metamorphosis that runs a course in all individual journeys.

For jewellery than can turn all beautiful imagination to wearable art, OUTHOUSE’s ‘Armis’ collection was undoubtedly one that fashion followers will definitely bow to.

Kaabia Grewal and Sasha Grewal,founder of OUTHOUSE said, “It was an exciting showcase for us at India Couture Week 2018. All our pieces were inspired by various complex crystalline structures and intricate organic forms such as that of the metallic chrysalis cocoon. The glossy, metallic colors of the collection captured all the viewers’ eye. All our statement were designed to strike a perfect balance with Amit’s creative designs, that created a perfect fusion of sophistication and glamour.”

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