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Anavila | Heather | Winter 2020

Anavila’s Winter 2020 collection is inspired by this indomitable spirit of Heather and the poetic narrative of life, of flowering through the worst times. The Heathers existence in the snow forest is critical to the cycle of life and it is the warmth, the hope and the promise of tomorrow it brings that has influenced the design, the weave and the sustainability of her collection.

Leaping through strong contrasts and vivid plaids, Heather by Anavila adds color and joy to an otherwise gloomy winter overcast. The collection marks a departure from Anavila’s typical style of muted pastels to remind the world that 2021 is a fresh burst of hope, the light is worth seeking. Woven from fine merino wool, this is Anavila’s first collection that is made entirely of wool and wool-silk. The collection features winter classics in bright bursts of colours across silhouettes including coats, trousers, stoles and of course saris. There is also an ‘extraordinaire’ curation of fine crafted wool-silk shirts and trousers, within heather.

Says Anavila, The promise and purpose of being mindful, unhurried and sustainability remains core fabric of who we are at ‘Anavila’ and this collection is an extension of our ideologies.”

This winter, Anavila also launches a new range of Busa and friends with holiday banners to add to the Christmas cheer.