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Treading Jewellery In 2017 With Once Upon A Trunk

If you always have your finger on the pulse of fashion fluctuations then go shop online with Once Upon a Trunk multi retail store, which has crystal clear jewellery from Eighties and Nineties which are coming back so enjoy the trunks of fine, bold and silver jewellery with Once Upon a Trunk.

Flitter Flutter Tassels:-

When we are over and

done with everything punk

, rock and gothic, those bohemian

tassels are breezing in flittering

and fluttering all the wh

ile. Apart from appearing on

handbags and shoes, tassels

can be carried with earrings too.

Raw Stones A-Going:-How

else should raw stones play

for the upcoming seasons,

This is one of the biggest

question in 2017 jewellery

trends popped up quite

unexpectedly on the runways

in a pop of colors, begetting

pendants or bracelets, rings

or earrings everywere. This s

all what you will get with trunk

bags this time.
Hoop earrings & Earrings-drops

:-In 2016, the most popular model

of earrings – are earrings, that have

large circular shape, and have

decorations for every taste. 2017

takes over this trend, but simplifies

it by making it versatile – suitable

for both street style and for the office

. also earring drop will never go out

of fashion and they are suitable for

a business style as well.

Bracelets :- Women’s fashion bracelets in 2017 will be made mainly from silver metal (that repeats the theme of 2016). But to the basic materials will be also added leather.Particularly relevant will be bracelets, stylized as ancient national jewelry: Indian, Turkish, Greek. This trend is closely intertwined with winter fashion bracelets, that are made under Egyptian and Indian jewelry.