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‘Tis the Season: Revealing Christmas Fashion Trends & Stellar Outfit Ideas!


Get ready to sleigh the festive season in style! Join us in exploring this year’s Christmas fashion trends and extravagant outfit inspirations. With insights from fashion influencer Hitika Sachdev, let’s dig into the sophistication of burgundy hues and the cozy comeback of fur, just in time for the chilly weather. Whether you’re a fan of minimalism or adore timeless chic, discover curated style tips that resonate with your unique flair. Plus, journey into the world of sequins, metallics, and bedazzled tops, as shared by fashion enthusiast Haania Manzar. Mix textures, embrace the sparkle of velvet and satin, and create a truly show-stopping festive look. ‘Tis the season to shine and captivate with these trendy looks!

Hitika Sachdev,  expresses “This year, the cooler Bombay weather sets the stage perfectly for Christmas, coinciding impeccably with the resurgence of Fur. What could be more fitting than the elegance of burgundy for this occasion? It’s the ideal hue to add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble. I would recommend these style inspirations:

  1. Embrace minimalism – opt for a burgundy turtleneck paired with black bell-bottom jeans, a beige coat, and a complementing handbag.
  2. Explore understated luxury – don an oversized white sweatshirt, white pants, and adorn yourself with a plush red/burgundy furry scarf.
  3. Exude timeless chic – slip into a black turtleneck short dress, drape yourself in a luxurious furry overcoat or beige trench coat, complete with stockings, black boots, and an elegant handbag.

Prepare to captivate with these opulent looks this festive season.”

Hitika Sachdev

As of 2023, many fashion trends have been the talk of the city, but sequins, metallics, sparkly fabrics, and bedazzled tops are everywhere this season, highlights Haania Manzar. She emphasises the pervasive presence of these and conveys “These outfits would give off a chic vibe when paired with velvet or satin for a pleasing mix of textures. To elevate your ensemble further, consider tasteful additions such as twinkling sequin earrings, the gleam of metallic pumps, the allure of metallic jeans, or the effervescent charm of shimmery blouses. These are not just trends; they’re gateways to effortless glamour!”

Haania Manzar

These insights into the Christmas fashion landscape offer a kaleidoscope of trends and inspirations for the style-savvy. The runway of festive fashion awaits your personal touch. Whether you opt for the cozy allure of fur and burgundy hues or the dazzling glamour of sequins and metallics, the essence of this season lies in your confidence and flair. Let the festivities be adorned not just with twinkling lights but with the sparkle of your fashion choices!

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