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The Indian Representatives Grace Kapil And Mmonika’s Styles At The Special Olympics-2017

The Special Olympics World Winter Games held in Graz, Austria deserved something special. So putting their game face on Kapil and Mmonika, the designer duo designed something special for the Indian representatives Malika Nada & Neelam Pratap Rudy, which they worn with utmost grace and beauty. Additionally, the kids who walked down the ceremonial aisle were spotted in the scarves exclusively-designed by the brilliant duo. For the Indian representatives, they curated a capsule saree collection to bring out and put on display the connection that Indians have with their roots. Being a pre-dominantly tropical country, it’s a matter of honor for us that we were one of the participating teams. The ensembles had been designed keeping in mind the national sentiment and yet not over-doing it.

On being asked how Kapil and Mmonika felt about being assigned this prestigious task, they said, “We are honored that we are a part of the Special Olympics Bharat Team held in Austria this year. We’ve displayed our affection for the country through the capsule collection on colourful India. The pious lotus flowers reveal the reverence towards the sacred culture of the nation, where each bud blooms in its true colours, where each day is a celebration of unity, harmony and synthesis.

Neelam Pratap Rudy, Said, “It’s a beautiful, warm feeling to be wearing this outfit that is so true to our customs and heritage. The designers have done a fabulous job of staying true to the roots of the country and yet displaying their pride towards the country and the resplendence of the country”.

Malika Nada said “I’m proud to be wearing something related to my country. This shows the exact feelings of love and awe that I feel for my India. The grandeur of the outfit is perfectly balanced by the demure, sophisticated colors used in it”.

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