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Mr. Ravikant Prakash, Design Head , India, At Arvind Ltd.

The market rewards ingenious individuals, not cookie-cutters. And success belongs only to those who passionately works day in and day out for it. These two statements befit quite well to an individual named Ravikant Prakash, a highly charismatic and supremely talented fashion designer who is well known as a paradigm shifter in the garment industry.

Ravikant is a designer head of an immensely prestigious firm Arvind Mill (Denim) and has a decade of colossal experience in apparel design and development. Let’s have a stepwise look at the awe-inspiring journey of this incredible fashion designer

The Initial Phase

Ravikant dream to break the stereotyped notion that fashion is only and only for movie stars and T.V celebrities spread wings at National Institute of Fashion Technology-Kolkata. According to Ravikant, “to innovate something noteworthy in the fashion & garment industry, two things play a mighty role: first, understanding the fabric property and second, USP to design end product.”

After working with a myriad of B2C brands like PEPE, VF India, UCB, he realized the untapped potential of fashion apparels in the common man segment. Perhaps, it was due to working with the industry juggernauts, Ravikant broadened his horizon of thinking and sharpened his approach and attitude towards fashion.

The Breakthrough

As they say, no obstacle is gigantic enough if you are passionate and determined about what you do. The first major breakthrough came in Ravikant’s life when he became the finalist at a fashion show named “THE DEBUT” organized by Wills Lifestyle. After that, there is no stopping for him. He bagged down some of the most prestigious awards in the fashion & garment industry realm like USHA-NIFT award in 2007, the best designer award for red chief retail, and the list go on.

Ravikant says “genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.” His unmatched work ethics and relentless approach in producing par excellent fashion products for the common consumer segment give many brands global voice. Being the head of the design department, he gives painstaking attention to every aspect of the product, whether it’s measuring the product potential, incarnating the new product ideas, designing and developing the collection etc.

All hail to the sheer hard work and fervor of Ravikant that he recently snatched the best designer and best team award for Arvind Ltd (Denim) and promises to focus more on developing the collection of high quality engineered fabrics.

Man on Many Mission

He adds “One thing is for sure, you can’t bring a drastic change overnight.” Failures are nothing but the highway to success. The more you fail, the more you will get closer to the earth-shattering success. However, in his opinion, change can be brought fast if we blend the hard work and dedication with strategic efforts.

Ravikant likes to live his life one moment at a time. He travels frequently to find the sources of inspirations and get conversant with new stuff happening in the fashion industry. He is well acquainted with the potential of fashion and garment industry and doing his level best every single day to change the prevailing paradigm of the fashion industry and set a thumping example by serving the consumers.


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