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ENVY Showers Magic With Its BEWITCH

Envy has introduced its new perfume, Envy Eau De Parfum – BEWITCH. The perfume is congruous for those who want to arouse their glorious charisma.

It is an Ultra-Pure Aroma for Women and unveils a romantic fragrance with a hint of marine accord. It opens with apple, marine, rose and plum balanced by aromatic and sandal base and reinstate freshness like the morning dew drops.

Envy Bewitch is a long lasting perfume that refurbishes your senses. It recharges and uplifts your mood with its aura. It tempts and allures your surroundings. This is an ideal perfume for women longing a charming and fascinating aroma.

Envy Bewitch is integrated and arrives in a pink bottle which is very appealing and contenting. The fragrance of Bewitch totally enhances and invigoratesthe inner you. Its ambienceenriches the exoticism with in you.

In a market filled with gas perfumes, Envy is premium French perfume that is very subtle and desirable yet long lasting at just Rs.470 for 100ml and is available all across retail, modern outlets and also on e-commerce portals.

If you are tired and bored of applying the same perfume every day, then you must get your hands on the newly launched BEWITCH by ENVY.