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Celebrate Octoberfest At Tourist

The oktober fest 2017 is just about to hit the stalls wherein people from all around the city gather and take part in the nonstop Beer marathon! What is a pint of beer with nothing to gorge on? The tourist has come up with an incredible range of dishes to choose from to tag along with your pints of beer while you marathon the days! The menu looks straight out of a foodie’s dream with Germen Potato Salad with Horseradish Dressing, Beer Glazed Burger toppped with Red Cabbage Slaw, Potato Balls, Piri Piri Chicken with Creamy Beer Cheese Dip, Pickled Egg & Sweet Onion Salad to begin. From the beer bucket, they have it bubbling to the brim! Affligem Blonde, Hoegarden, Bira White, Bira blonde and Goa kings are right up on the menu served chilled at all times.

“We at Tourist, want it to be the best Oktoberfest people have encountered as it is the ultimate Fest of all kinds. With guests gushing in to the heart of the capital to celebrate and participate together in the fest, we want to give them the reason too. Undoubtedly the best in town beer to associate with, The Tourist will also be the place to go to hands down this Oktoberfest. “ said Mr. Dinesh Arora.
Address: 1, Scindia House, Janpath Road, Janpath, New Delhi
Time: 11:30 AM to 1 AM
​Date: 4-22nd October’17​

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