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Buzjay Fashion In Jaipur Couture Show

After mesmerizing pink city with fashion showcasing in MISS RAJASTHAN and draping all contestants  in their beautiful ensembles Designer duo Ajay Sinha & Buzy once again created the magic of HIGH COUTURE fashion  yet again this time with JAIPUR COUTURE SHOW. Buoyed by the overwhelming response and success of their last show Designers formed a special connect with pink city and took everyone to the pinnacle of high couture and ultra glamorous fashion with Jaipur couture show in pink city. Designers Ajay Sinha & Buzy from Buzjay fashion  showcased their high couture collection.

Show stopper TARA VIVA and leading models looked stunning in beautiful ensemble by designer Ajay Sinha and Buzy.  Designers were upbeat to spread effervescence of ultra glamorous fashion, grandeur and magnificence with their new collection based on the theme of ROYAL CHARIATTE Effervescence of stunning HI END DESIGNS  were splashed.

For  show designers devised vivid looks based on themes of  HIGH COUTURE GLAMOUR AND RED CARPET, As a highlight designers dedicated a special look in the name of MAHARANI PADMAVATI, oozed royalty and regal charm of Rajasthan. Splendid silhouettes of stunning designs were displayed by beautiful models and super model TARA VIVA as showstopper….

Designers paid special attention to detailing of  innovative looks and captured true essence of royalties and elegance. They reflected the blue blooded taste and elite style of ultra glam fashion and high end couture. According to designers Ajay Sinha & Buzy  fashion & class met high end  glamour in the show as we put forward the stratospheric level of haute couture designs. With Power packed event we launched elegant sartorial styles. We created  Innovative cuts that are very modern, contemporary with a hint of traditional charm. Our designs reflected  magnificence, effervescence, vibrancy and rich cultural lineage and are  sheer bliss reflecting epitome of style, grace and effortlessness of  royal aura that surrounds them like Halo. This was our second showcasing in Jaipur, we feel a special bond with the city and are hopeful to receive overwhelming response for our designs yet again, concluded designers Ajay Sinha & Buzy.

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