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Breathe Free With AirVisual NODE

Today’s world around us is full of life threats. With rising pollution levels in the city it is getting hard to move around. So we try to keep ourselves and our dear ones in a safe surroundings of home or office. But what if I tell you that the air their might not be as clean and pure as you might be thinking it to be.

Altanta Healthcare has introduced Air Visual NODE to bring clarity to your doubts about the air you are breathing. NODE is a portable air quality monitor that displays immediate particulate matter (PM), carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, Temperature and Humidity on a five-inch screen and via smartphone. NODE  sees what a naked eye cannot and tracks all the invisible threats in the air. This is a critical first step to breathe in clean and pure air.

This is a small compact sized battery operated device which is easy to carry in a back and can be used anywhere.

What makes NODE unique?

Here are the 18  key features of this product from Atlanta Heathcare .

Key Features :

  1. Measures PM2.5, CO2, Temperature, Humidity
  2. Monitor has a screen that shows indoor air quality compared to outdoor
  3. Wi-Fi connectivity with enhanced sensitivity to capture remote Wi-Fi signal
  4. USB charging
  5. Battery that ensures continuous measurements even during temporary power cut (24/7 results). In case of a long power cut, the sensor automatically boots up when the electricity is back, without human intervention
  6. Web-based central reporting of the building’s air quality in real-time
  7. Measurements time intervals are configurable
  8. Air quality data is accessible in real-time from the user-friendly dashboard
  9. System supports automatic alerts based on customized rules
  10. All historical data can be downloaded in CSV format from the web browser
  11. Possibility to monitors all the Nodes inside the AirVisual mobile application
  12. Notifications for iOS device when AQI threshold are reached
  13. The device has over 5 years’ internal measurement data logging capacity
  14. The sensor functions with or without an internet connection
  15. The sensor meets EC directives (CE certification) and FCC requirements
  16. Widgets can be installed on intranet and internet website with easy integration
  17. Widgets are fully configurable to match specific requirements
  18. Widgets can be integrated in digital signage (TV screen, picture frames) across the Organization

[Price: Rs 18990 at}

Though we have not yet reviewed the product but as per the demo given , it seems to be an innovative product but it just tells you about the air quality. It does not improves the air quality. So according to me it can let you know about the problem but cannot do anything to improve it and so you will have to combine it with air purifier to improve the quality of air around you.