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Sunaina Khera Launches Her New Collection – A Long Way Home

They say some feelings are more important than words themselves; the latest collection ‘A Long Way Home’ by Sunaina Khera embodies this in mind, body and spirit. An ardent believer in all things abstract, Sunaina creates designs based on her experiences and sentiments— which then translate into gorgeous pieces of clothing, articulating unique stories.

Inspired from her own life journey, her collection revolves around the evolution of different stages of grief—the human ability to overcome loss and accept the change; and although it takes a lot away from us, it also leaves us much stronger than ever. The first stage of grief ‘Denial’ is characterized by the inability to accept the facts; the mind creates an emotional veil to protect us momentarily from the shock. Illustrating these abstract notions in a physical sense, are transparent sheer fabrics such as tulle, veils and tone on tone embroidery in dark hues of blacks and greys. The second stage of grief is depicted by ‘Anger’— that loud expressive emotion that dulls down everything. Signifying the same are bold colours such as violets and reds, along with gorgeous sequins and a sprinkling of lace.

Sunaina Khera

As we tread into the next step Negotiation’, chaos and confusion entails; that feeling of doing anything in our power to prevent the ongoing change. Muted pinks, soft blues, dull greys and chaotic embroideries paint a vivid picture of this noisy phase. ‘Depression’, the consequent step is a very beautiful melancholic quiet space; albeit, the sadness and lull, you are much closer to accepting the circumstances. Representing these repressed emotions are exquisite paisleys in greys and subdued blues. ‘Acceptance’ is the final act of letting go; that final moment of clarity that brings you inner peace and serenity. Pristine whites, pretty flowers and sparkling sequins bequeath the cool placidness of this phase.

Staying true to their ideologies, the collection features easy, breezy silhouettes with a dash of understated glamour. Constituting mostly evening wear, the collection includes edgy blazer dresses, feminine slip dresses, elegant tiered skirts, statement tops and chic lehengas in Organza, silk and tulle. The colour palette ranges from dark hues such as black and navy to sparkling whites, delicate pinks and cheerful tangerines. For the first time, paisley and hand embroidered sequins have been used throughout the collection, signifying the evolution of grief through the stages.

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