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Quick Tricks For Makeup

Do not be in too hurry to remember to start your makeup on a clean face. With warm water and a facewash of your choice will do the job. Then with intervals treat skin with ice rubbing for 5- 10 minutes. This effort will make your skin calm and then it will hold the makeup for a longer period. Moisturise your face and hands ensuring use of a waterproof product so that it does not leave your skin oily. As per the skin tone apply a foundation all over your face.

Quick trick: Act smart. Choose a darker shade foundation to apply on the broader parts of your face. it will help contour your features hiding uneven skin tone also at the same time.

Now over the foundation give a smooth adding of shimmer powder on the face with a brush. Apply some rosy blusher to your cheekbones. Add colour gradually with no dabbing lots of blush on at one time.

While doing the eye makeup, first of all apply eye shadow on your eye lids. Define your eyes with short strokes using an eye liner. You would love to apply a couple of coats of a waterproof, smudge-free mascara now. It’s time, groom your eyebrows well with an eyebrow pencil giving yourself a glamorous look.

A lip liner will shape up your lips. Wear a lip colour according to your dress. You can have a smoother finish with help of a lip colour and a brush. Now blot the lipstick with a tissue and re-apply it so that it stays longer. Finally now apply a coat of lip gloss with a matching shade as per your lipstick. Adding a little gloss at the centre of your lips and a little rubbing will bring an instantly glammed up look.

For your nails now, file them and shape them precisely.With a coat of colourless base coat, apply two coats of nail colour after 10-minutes. Let it dry after one more coat of a colourless base now.

For a party or on a date you need to look the best of you. A fab dressup with a lovely makeup and a bewitching fragrance are three must things for you to wear. Dazzle the gathering glamming up in the best you, justmove ahead in compliance with these steps.

Party makeup
A gorgeous dress along with a fabulous party make up is a very essential thingsto complete your look. Keep in mind that the party makeup is very different from your daily makeup.

Follow these easy tips for a fantastic and longer lasting party makeup :

A smooth shower :A warm shower means ensuring you exfoliate your skin helping slough off dead skin cells and brighten dull skin caused by the fewer sleeping hours at the same time. “Try adding some orange, lavender or peppermint oil to your bath water to refresh, replenish and rejuvenate your skin. Aromatic oils stimulate your senses and wake you up in no time,” advises international makeup expert, IshikaTaneja.

After pat drying, use a moisturiser, depending on your skin type, to avoid dryness. For creating a good base apply moisturiser with foundation for making it stay longer. Before beginning your makeup, you must not forget to moisturise your face and neck for around 20 minutes. Finishing off with dollops of moisturiser helps restore hydration to dehydrated skin. Do keep watchful for your hair.A shampoo and conditioner routine is the best but if you are running short of time, just take some dry shampoo and sprinkle some of it on your mane and you’re fine. Now to complete the look you just need a messy bun or a quick pony.

In case you are too drowsy, Ishika cautions against missing out on your regular cleansing -toning- moisturising routine. “Make sure to cleanse your face thoroughly and follow this up with a toner. Make up for the dehydration occurred on account of a late night, by moisturising your skin well; followed by applying a sunscreen of SPF 30 or more. In addition, gently rub your face with a few ice cubes for a minute or two. This will close all open pores and leave you with a glow,” she says. If you fancy a more intensive treatment, pick a fruit (any that you have at home), mash it up and add some milk to make an instant mask. Let it dry after applying for 15-20 minutes then wash it off. You look like you just have had a facial. And yes, a smattering of makeup can help you look fresh and alive.

Quick trick
Apply a water based foundation on your face and neck uniformly. Remember when it comes to party makeup use waterproof products for the eyes. Being smudge-proof they last for longer period of time as compared to the regular ones. Apply the eyeliner after spreading the eye shadow uniformly on your eyelids. Prefer a black or brown coloured liners for the base. Use coloured or glitter eyeliners after applying the base liners. Just a coat of mascara will open up your eyes coupled with a pretty hued lip balm and a blusher will give you a natural sun-kissed flush. You are all set spritzing on your favourite fragrance and you’re all set.
Shabby hair or unkempt hair are a big NO while in a party.They do spoil any look instantly. So do not forget to use a good quality hair spray, once you are done with your hairdo.

Wedding Party
It’s pretty exciting to get ready for a wedding party at home. it gets confusing for some to decide what comes first – eye makeup or foundation, eyeliner or mascara? Putting it all together is also little unclear for many. Hollywood return makeup specialist IshikaTaneja have explained the entire look in easy- to-follow steps for getting ready for a wedding or party at home!

Quick trick
Remember to use your regular moisturizer letting it seep into the skin at least for around 15 minutes before moving on to foundation. Prior to foundation and after moisturizer a face primer is recommendable. Your foundation stays longer with the primer. It also functions as an divider between your skin foundation making the application of the foundation smooth simultaneously. Needing to keep the makeup for hours and hours together in the party night, a primer is a must. Once done with primer apply water proof liquid foundation .
For your foundation to stay put all along, do not forget to set the liquid or cream foundation with a loose powder so that your!

Mind it, you need to keep your eyes ‘un-matching’ with your outfit. What your eyes need to compliment with is the colors on your dress. For this, use colors that are the opposite of the colors on your dress. Use a flat eye shadow brush and then blend using a fluffy dome shaped brush. A darker colour will suit in your crease & follow it up with a highlighter up to your brow bone. All harsh lines visible to the naked eyes will go softened by it.

Let a black, brown, blue or green colored waterproof kajal come in to play in the waterline & then invite a black liner to line the lash line. For displaying some drama, you may also add a ‘flick’ at the outer corner of the eye. We Indian women look great in a winged liner, trust me.

An eye lash curler is like a magic which can make your eyes look ‘awake’! Apply mascara from the roots of the lashes & wiggle the wand in a zig-zag motion till the tip. Individually this is going to coat the lashes nicely adding definition volume as well. Mind it, mascara should always follow curl otherwise your lashes are going to break.

Blush on the apples of your cheeks upwards going into the hairline, is needed to For create natural looking glow. Now smile in the mirror and you see where blush needs to be applied. A big fluffy brush can blend the blush on the cheeks. After that a 2 shades darker brown-matte shade than your skin color, would do contour your cheeks beautifully. This will ensure an added structure to your face &making it look slimmer in pictures. Suck in your cheekbones, notice the hollows & apply the contouring powder just there & blend! Check out, if there are any lines visible. It must look most natural.

The high plains of your face like T-zones and cheekbones can be highlighted with a shimmer blush or powder, so that every time when light falls on these areas, your skin is going to glow amazingly – especially in  photographs.

Lip balm is something you need to apply before starting the makeup. It is a must to keep lips moist allowing the lip liner & lipstick to glide on easily.
Remove the lip balm with a tissue & line your lips with the help of a lip pencil.

The pencil needs to fill your entire lip before running the lipstick over. Take a tissue & place it on your lips & run some loose powder with a brush over it for making the lipstick matte and keeping it last longer.
After this put one more lipstick coat with pressing a tissue over gently. Now in case of eating or drinking anything, your lips are going to look as fresh as new for real.

Bachelorette Party
You may not look the picture perfect but you can look very beautiful on a wedding day party. In the bachelorette party the brides looks, clothes and jewellery is always under scrutiny. In the midst of this, she has zillions of has umpteen things to take care of which can caste shadow of strains on her pretty face.

Quick trick
To give the shining of a very natural look neon colours for lips and eyes are the best. Neon today is hot favourite in make-up which was used in apparels and accessories earlier.

You need to pick contrast colours for the lips and eye shadows instead of matching them with each other. This is considered stylish these day. Bold new lip colours are in vogue now for brides going beyond the usual red and pink.

And curls are also back this season presenting straight hair as a passé ! Relax your tresses with a hair spa therapy prior to trying any curl styles for the bachelorette party. Hair styles like fish bones, side twists and side plaits are some of the other options available with naturally straight hair. And glittering temporary body art, shimmering beads and bands, customized floral with the wedding theme etc., are some of the accessories complementing the bridal do are favourite these days.

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