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Treat your skin to a sensorial body care experience with Kimirica’s Squalane Body Yogurt Collection


Sitting somewhere between a conventional body lotion and a heavy body cream, body yogurts are the new way to enhance your self-care regime in a tasteful way! Everyone loves savoring a spoonful of yogurt, but just as our palate needs yogurts, our skin needs them too, especially in the unpredictable monsoons when our skin is dry one day, oily the next day, acne-prone the other day.

Enriched with a rare, first-of-its-kind formulation of Squalane + Shea Butter, Kimirica’s hydrating Body Yogurt Collection is a blend of 9-high performing ingredients that provide intense hydration, instant cooling & soothing upon application. They melt into the skin within seconds of application and provide hydration at a cellular level.

The collection features a lightweight and non-sticky formulation that absorbs into your skin in no time, and provides hydration.


Squalane is a potent natural ingredient, derived from Olives. It is known for being nature’s best hydrator that protects the skin from moisture loss and imparts intense hydration. With a unique blend of naturally derived ingredients like Shea Butter, White Tea Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Beta Glucan, and Vitamin E, the yogurts leave your skin feeling deeply nourished all day long as they boost skin’s hydration while enhancing elasticity, and neutralizing the damage caused by UV light. Being true to the Kimirica promise, the body yogurts are also free from Sulphate, Mineral Oil, EDTA, and Parabens. They are vegan and cruelty-free. Like every Kimirica product, the body yogurts, too, are infused with sensorial extravagance to engage one’s senses and make body care not just a necessity but an experience.


Kimirica’s latest offering comes in four exotic variants, made to care for all skin types:

–   Periwinkle Body Yogurt, infused with the fragrance of a freshly plucked bouquet of Iris, Periwinkle, and Violet

–   Sugar Coconut Body Yogurt, with the scent of creamy coconuts mixed with the richness of vanilla

–   Tropical Forest Body Yogurt with refreshing Bergamot mixed with Patchouli, and Matcha Tea

–   Calla Lily Body Yogurt with the delightful Water Lily and Amber blended with the freshness of Apple Blossom