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Tips for taking care of wood furniture


Wooden furnishings, with its vintage fascinate, adds a feeling of appeal to your home. Any wooden piece is a highlight deserving of all attention. It is for this very explanation that one should give its upkeep additional care and consideration. However, realize what helps and what doesn’t. Keeping up with furniture is a task but an amazingly rewarding one. Here are some tips that you could use to take good care of your furniture:


  1. Dust it well

A sparkling furniture item makes for a shining room. Also, the perfect measure of cleaning helps in doing as such. Ensure you utilize a delicate, dry cotton material to clear any dust off. If you could clean your couched, tables, and other furnishings twice a month, then there’s nothing like it.

  1. Try not to Mistreat Furniture

To stay away from rings and heat harm, consistently use napkins when setting glasses or mugs on wood tables, and never place hot food straightforwardly on them without the assurance of a trivet or potholder. Place a decorative spread to shield your lounge area table from food and drink spills.

  1. Stay away from Environmental Damage

Daylight, heat and other ecological components can unleash devastation on your fine wood. Try not to put important furniture before revealed windows, vents or chimneys, as the light and warmth can harm and blur the wood.

  1. Oil and Wax Regularly

Oiling and waxing wood is suggested since it gives it a sparkling finish to it. Likewise, it adds a defensive layer, a covering on a superficial level subsequently breathing life into its appearance. Try using oil and wax your wooden units once in 90 days.

  1. Keep Wood Smelling Fresh

Sometimes older pieces will foster an unpleasant smell, particularly in case they’ve been stored. You can sprinkle the surface with baking soda to spruce it up, and place a dish of charcoal inside drawers to retain smells that radiate from inside. You can even leave the piece outside in a concealed region on a warm, dry day to give alleviation from a rank smell and make your furniture smell new.

Taking appropriate care of your wood furniture isn’t hard or even that tedious, and the prize for your work will be a home loaded up with wonderful wood furniture that looks and feels as great as the day you got it — presently and for quite a long time to come

-Authored by Mr. Raghunandan Saraf, Founder & CEO, Saraf Furniture