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The voice of Big Boss Atul Kapoor infected with corona

Atul Kapoor

Corona virus is once again at its peak across the country. Day by day this virus is taking a large number of people in its grip. Many cases have also come to the fore from the film and TV industry in the midst of the third wave of Corona. At the same time, Corona has exploded on the famous TV reality show Bigg Boss 15 as well. Dubbing artist Atul Kapoor, the voice of Bigg Boss, has been found to be Corona virus positive. Along with this, many people of the set have been quarantined.

This information has come to the fore from the Instagram page ‘The Khabri‘, which gives the update of Bigg Boss 15. ‘The Khabri’ wrote in his post- ‘The voice of Bigg Boss has become corona. Atul Kapoor is corona positive. We hope they get well soon and make a speedy recovery. All the people who worked with him on the set. Those people have also been quarantined and now everyone’s reports are awaited.

After Atul Kapoor’s report came positive, now the show of Bigg Boss is under threat. The show was going to have a finale soon but now after the announcement of Salman Khan, Bigg Boss has been extended for two weeks.