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The Tropical Luxury Collection by MAYU


After the successful launch of the first edit of the ISLE collection back in October, MAYU is pleased to announce the launch of their newest collection: ISLE N°3 – The Tropical Luxury Edit.

ISLE N°3 is the third edit of the ISLE collection series which is inspired by the nuances of life on islands and mysteries of the aquatic world. As the name suggests, the collection focuses on tropical luxury fashion which includes sustainable pieces and versatile designs reimagined for multipurpose use. The designs are perfect as Summer/Spring & Resort wear as they encapsulate the flora and fauna of Island living and an impenetrable bond in the community.

MAYU is a luxury brand founded in late 2018 with an ethos consisting of responsibility, sustainability, functionality, quality and innovation. The brand hones in on accessories and handbags as its key category and takes pride in presenting consciously handcrafted pieces made from eclectic, innovative and sustainable materials derived from by-products of the food industry. These make for great alternatives to both mass-produced leather and petroleum-based synthetic fabrics and ‘exotic skins/leather and fur’ that have for long dominated the luxury leather goods category.


Isle N°3 is an experimental affair with craft and material exploration inspired by flora and fauna and its connection with the community. This is the very first collection by MAYU which is reimagined with innovative Kauna grass handbags. The brand is also introducing its first resort wear capsule collection of Sarongs and Kaftans in collaboration with the Ekome which is made of sustainable eco-printed fabrics.

The highlight of this collection is the Moana Hex Bag which is a woven bag bearing MAYU’s signature angled sides in its form. It is an ideal accessory for picnics or beach parties which comes with Ekome eco-printed scarves that can be styled in various ways, giving a new fresh look with every style. To make it quirky, MAYU has various options of charms for you to select from.

The collection will be live on MAYU’s official website from 12th March 2022. We do hope that you enjoy and appreciate the reveal of ISLE N°3.